That Day

Man and WifeFor those of you who hate it when I write something a bit on the soppy side, be warned that you might not want to continue with this particular post.

Today is a very special day on the ‘Adventures’ calendar. This day, 2 years ago, was, quite literally, the best day of our lives.

It was today, two years ago that we got married.

I can’t believe it was 2 years ago.

It all went so fast at the time that some of it is a blur, and I wish that we could do it all over again, every year. It was so much fun, and such a happy day I would love to repeat it, and repeat it and repeat it.

But what I do get to repeat is waking up next to my wonderful man every day. I sit here thinking back over the last 2 years and wonder where they went to. During the two years we both experienced losses in our families, we travelled some of the world together, we supported each other in our careers, C supported me when I was sick, we missed each other when we were apart, we laughed, we fought, we cried, we partied and we enjoyed each others’ company.

I fall more in love with C on a daily basis, if that’s even possible. That day 2 years ago, I thought I couldn’t possibly love anyone more than I loved him then my heart was so full. But to my amazement, our love continues to grow and continues to make me ridiculously happy.

The more of our lives we spend together the more he drives me crazy, the more he amazes me with his big huge heart, the more I discover about him, and the more he inspires me to be a better person.

And, the more time I spend with C, the more I discover about myself.

People ask me a lot of the time how we met, how we knew we were each others ‘one’ and what the secret to a happy marriage is – but all I can say is that we just click, and we make each other laugh. It’s not always easy because we have our differences (in fact, we are in many ways polar opposites) but it is always, always worth it. Every single day is a gift that we are both so grateful for.

I could not think of a better person to have as my best friend, my biggest supporter, my harshest critic, my partner in crime, my lover, my inspiration and my rock. We’ve been lucky enough to travel together, work together, live together and plan our future together and I am so grateful for C, and I can’t wait to discover what is next in store for us.

And tonight we will be celebrating in style, celebrating our past and making plans for our future.

Lots of Love Big C.


Mr and Mrs O


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