Here we go again

Well, it feels like Summer is actually over. London has a very distinct Autumnal feel to it at the moment – colder evenings, crisp mornings and mild days.

It’s strange to think that the stream of 28-30 degree days we had last week were the end of it, while now it’s at that point that you suddenly need to make sure that you’ve got a jumper t the ready because it could be a little too cold in the shade and sometimes the sun isn’t quite warm enough.

I don’t mind the changing seasons and have come to like the extremes we get here in comparison to home. The beautiful Autumn colours and then the Christmas vibe and the potential of snow is all to look forward to now.

But the darkness! There comes a point, around now each year, when suddenly you notice the sun doesn’t stay up as long and you realise the change of seasons has come.

I’m a morning person generally – usually having to get up early for work or for a run, and I tend not to sleep late on the weekends anymore. But, as I am facing my 5th Autumn and Winter of the UK I’m now facing the one thing I’ve never been able to get used to – darkness. Seemingly constant darkness.

It goes against every grain of my being to wake up in the dark, like I did this morning. I’ve never been able to get used to it and I do sometimes wonder if I ever will!

Here we go again!


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