Consequences Of Being Time Poor

Two things I’ve been doing very little of lately: cooking and blogging. Two things that I have been missing more than I can say. Last month’s stats show one of my worst months yet in terms of views, but they only reflect my quite obvious absence from the blogosphere. My stomach and overall health and wellbeing isn’t thanking me either.

Being a ‘glutard’ and also continuing to be extremely health conscious (apart from chocolate), I find it hard now to go to my old fall back options – vegemite on toast, or if I was feeling a little more adventurous, eggs on toast. And being that I need to know what’s in all the food I eat, takeaways aren’t really an option for me as much as they once were.

I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again. Thank god for C. He’s been doing an amazing job keeping delicious food coming out of our kitchen and making enough for my lunches to keep me going during the day. I don’t know where I would have been without him over the last couple of months.

Here is an example of one of his more recent culinary masterpieces:

Minted lamb chops, Moroccan rice, wild tomato salad, eggplant discs and homemade beetroot puree.

Minted lamb chops, Moroccan rice, wild tomato salad, eggplant discs and homemade beetroot puree.

Not only in terms of cooking either – he’s been incredibly supportive of the fact I’ve been so stressed and busy, despite a lot of things going on for him as well. And he’s graciously accepted it on the many, many occasions I’ve cancelled or delayed plans we’ve had. I feel like I’ve been a terrible Mrs!!

Unfortunately, when he’s working the evening shift, I have to fend for myself. So, during this busy period, it’s been all about the quickest, easiest option lately. Mostly, meat and three veg, or (meat and one), or a bowl of steamed greens seems to be the best I can do for myself.

I try, where possible to add a little excitement to my rushed meals but when my brain is as tired as it has been lately and I am as physically exhausted as I have been lately, it’s hard to get creative in the kitchen when all I really want to do is fall in a heap.

Last Saturday, before I left on my work trip we had a day off together which seems to be a very rare occurrence lately and we did some cooking together and came up with this amazing team effort.

Persian spiced burgers, tomato and chilli salad and vegetables

Persian spiced burgers, tomato and chilli salad and vegetables

And Sunday night’s meal was probably the most creative meal I’ve made myself in a long time, and to be fair it’s not all THAT creative. I decided seeing as we had a pumpkin sitting in our house waiting to be used, but the weather was still pretty nice I may as well make a pumpkin salad. This one consisted of the following:

– Lettuce leaves

– Roast pumpkin

– Goat’s cheese

– Roasted pine nuts

– Caramelised leek and red onion

– Homemade tahini, lemon and olive oil dressing

Pretty straightforward really. I roasted the pumpkin in some coconut oil and used the same pan to then do the pine nuts afterward. Meanwhile I caramelised the red onion and leek with a little coconut oil and honey (no processed sugar!). And then I made the tahini dressing which was basically lemon juice (whole lemon), extra virgin olive oil (a fair dash of it), a few scoops of organic dark tahini, 2 teaspoons of plain greek yoghurt, and a dash of water to get the consistency right. I can’t tell you the exact amounts because I just did it to taste, but I can tell you that this particular dressing was inspired by a wonderful friend of mine back home, Amber.

And for the main event, I did beef and pepper skewers. And by ‘did’, I mean I cooked them, as the butcher did all of the prep by way of cutting and skewering. God love him!


Resolution for September – Achieve balance: work less, cook, blog and run more and be a better wife. 


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