Oh my god only one more year until I’m 30!

My birthday kind of crept up on me this year. This is very out of character for me as usually I’m talking about my birthday at least 3 months in advance and planning a party, a meal and the various outings and most importantly badgering C about all the lovely things he could do for me.

It’s pretty much the one time in the year that I get materialistic and demand to be showered with many, many gifts and I usually write him a hugely long list of ‘ideas’ that he can refer to. I do try to explain though, I don’t actually want all of the things on the list. And to me, some of the best presents are the ones that cost nothing but a nice thought… I like to have birthday experiences like breakfast in bed, picnics, outings, thoughtful presents that have been made…and generally to be spoiled all day and made to feel very special.

What with starting a new job which is taking up far more of my time than it should be, and working a second job on weekends, as well as focusing on various weddings, birthdays and visitors it suddenly occurred to me about 2 weeks out that my birthday was on its way.

Is this a sign that as I get older I am growing up a bit and starting not to be all that bothered about birthdays? Or is it literally that the year has flown by and due to my recent shock-to-the-system busy-ness I just didn’t realise it was already August? It left me little to no time to plan and absolutely zero time for me to sit back and think ‘holy shit, it’s only one more year until I’ve reached 30!’

That all said, I managed to have enough planning time to book 3 days off work (I NEVER work on my birthday and as it fell on a Wednesday I figured I could do with a long, long weekend) and I started turning up the volume on my birthday nagging about 2 days before the day.

To be fair though, C didn’t need any help this year. He did an amazing job making me feel special and even though I thought I’d bought my own presents (a pair of sunnies, a cookbook and a new bottle of perfume) and organised my own day out (Hampton Court Palace), both of which I gave him a fair amount of crap about, he did in fact get up early and make me a delicious breakfast despite having worked a double shift the day before! And to make me eat my words even more, he left a little surprise waiting for me when we got home late in the evening – a lovely dress he picked himself and a cocktail book, as I’ve developed a bit of a fondness for the odd cocktail. The best part for him was being able to see the look of guilt on my face as I realised he had done some forward thinking and was capable of a surprise! 🙂

What a keeper!


My new Ottolenghi cookbook

My new Ottolenghi cookbook

Breakfast courtesy of the hubby!

Breakfast courtesy of the hubby!

My new sunnies

My new sunnies

The surprise waiting for me when we got home

The surprise waiting for me when we got home

We did of course celebrate a fair bit, we went out for the day to Hampton Court Palace, then I enjoyed a couple of days off and then we went to hang out in the country with some friends (all posts on their way) – so overall it was a pretty good one! It just crept up on me a bit!

And now I have embarked on the very last year of my 20s! (GULP) I can’t believe that it’s less than a year until my 30th birthday! 30 is a bit of a weird milestone for me… when I was younger I considered 30 to be quite old and always thought I’d be settled down with a husband (check), a thrilling and successful career, some kids, a mortgage and a dog by that stage, so each year as my life has unfolded and I’ve crept closer and closer to the big 3 0  I’ve realised how little time my younger self had left my future self to live her life before the dreaded ‘settling down’ part.

What the hell was my 16-year-old self thinking with all that planning? There wasn’t ever going to be enough years in my pre-30 life to do all that career carving, travel, and partying I wanted to do!

Happily, at least I’ve ticked one of the boxes and I’ve gotten myself to a stage where I’ve got a wonderful husband who I adore. But as 30 rapidly approaches I keep thinking maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have all those other things checked off by age 40… I’ve still got a massively long travel bucket list before said children arrive, and little to no savings for said mortgage. And my career, while thrilling and successful enough, feels very far from the glamourous picture I had in my mind.

But, I am glad I haven’t stuck so vehemently to the plan as I otherwise had hoped to. My 20s have been filled with travel, adventure, excitement, love, marriage, work, friendships, life lessons, food, and many amazing milestones. I’ll be quite sad to see them go actually, but I am also looking forward to what lies ahead!


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