Guest Post: Those Internet People, By Rarasaur

Here goes. The first guest post to be hosted on Adventures of an Aussie Girl in London! And a fitting one too. This guest post was written by the lovely Rarasaur, who I highly recommend you check out and follow if you don’t already.

It’s fitting that she is the first to Guest on my blog as she was also the first person I followed on WordPress and one of my favourite bloggers. Frightfully wondrous things happen over on Rara’s blog as she shares many words of wisdom, hilarity and warmth. She welcomes people into the blogosphere with open arms and actively participates in writing challenges and helps provide blogging tips, advice and encouragement.

She’s one of those bloggers who, even if I’ve been off the grid for a while, I always go back and try to see what I’ve missed. She is also the mastermind behind Prompts for the Promptless which I’ve been known to participate in on occasion (although not nearly enough. 

Anyway, enough of the intro and on with the show! 


Dear “those Internet people”,

Today I was told to be careful. None of you are real. None of you know me. The nonsensical words flew from the mouth of a woman trying to protect me. Several legal documents have made her family– in a manner of speaking. She’s shared a meal with me (or twenty meals), so she knows me– in a manner of speaking.

She doesn’t understand, though.

I talk to you because you get me in a way that could not possibly be improved by a shared salad.

I talk to you because there is a place for you in my heart. We are family. Sure, maybe we’re separated by an ocean, or a decade, or a couple shades of brown. Perhaps I was your sister in a past life and maybe you’re naught but a passing shadow– but I ain’t afraid of no ghost, or the Internet people, or being a part of culture so magnificent.


sunToday, the sun winked at me. There’s no other word for it. She winked. Plain and clear as the day itself.

So I laughed, until tears ran down my face and troubles ricocheted their way out of my heart. No one could see me but the smiling sun in the sky, so I was fearless in my response. She is family and more than capable of bearing my burdens, keeping my secrets, and shining a light on the happiness in my heart.

She is only one character though, thrown into a lively story with never-ending roles that I admire but don’t love.

The wind doesn’t understand me– its every breath makes me choke on my own words.

The trees don’t ever seem to hear me right– they take my thoughts and echo on nonsense.

The grass, the poor blades of grass– they are trampled beneath every step I take towards the future.


I found a similar story here on the Internet. It is a complex eco-system, a poem with many verses, and a campfire tale that never ends. My family here is just as the sun– a single character in an elaborate play, a sub note in a long novel.

It matters little though. When I am here, the first thing I see is a happy wink, and the first thing I feel is the warmth of you, and the only thing I think about is how lucky we are to have found each other.

It’s a big world– dark and scary, full of mazes and tunnels– and, yet, here we are. Together. A speck and a star– winking burdens into laughter.

I am happy to count myself amongst one of those Internet people. I am grateful to be a speck to the sun that is you.

We found each other in this big crazy world and the sheer magnitude of that is beautiful, my friend. I have decided not to fear it, or doubt its validity.

You can fear it though, and I won’t judge you for it– because real family doesn’t judge. In a way, I even understand. All beauty is frightening– but it is also frightfully wondrous and hardly feels like fear at all.

Everyone has their burdens to bear though, and if fear is yours– so be it. Bring it with you if you must, but be sure to pack it tightly with all your other burdens in something with two handles.

That way, I can help you carry it.

😉 Rara


54 thoughts on “Guest Post: Those Internet People, By Rarasaur

  1. Veronica Roth says:

    Stuff that for a game of soldiers, I want a group hug! (That’s my Canadian side showing thru the Britishness.) 🙂

  2. I’ll do the group hug thing Rara – not being British 🙂
    I’m so full of love for all the love I’ve found with all “those internet people” – of course, you’re not real 😉
    And hi to you Aussie girl from a fellow Aussie turned Canadian turned nomad.

    • Of course, of course! There’s always room for my favorite naked blogger in the group hug! Clothing required, though. 😉 Thank you for popping by!! 😀

  3. The interwebs makes for a wonderful community where you can be yourself, or you can be somebody else sometimes, too. Where you can tell as much or as little as you like and know that somebody is listening. At least here on Word Press, it is an inclusive place. Somebody is always winking at you, making you feel at home.

    Well written, Rara. And thanks for another site I can read instead of doing housework!

    • ” Somebody is always winking at you, making you feel at home.” – exactly so! 😀 Thank you for reading, Elyse, and yes– welcome, welcome. Fibot’s home is infinitely better than sweeping or dishwashing. 😀

  4. Ahh I know exactly what you mean. The Internet’s like this huge, ominous sprawl full of scary dark people and scary dark corners.. not. It’s just like anything else- what you choose to make of it. Blogging and posting on facebook’s made me a mini family, a very large mini family, and they’re all fabulous people too! I learn so much from them, and hopefully, will keep learning too.

    Great post rara! Three cheers for the featurer and featuree!! 😀 😀

      • In some cases I’d imagine we’re even more real on the interwebs because we aren’t afraid to be who we are when we have a screen to protect us.

      • Well-said, Fi. I’ve found that to be true, as well– a little anonymity goes a long way in terms of showing us what someone is really all about. 🙂

  5. Seriously great post, Rara! I get that, “you shouldn’t talk to be people on the internet, they could be dangerous” a lot. I always just roll my eyes. To me it’s no different than the numerous pen pals I had throughout the world as a child (before the internet was around haha). I had people I wrote back and forth with for years from all over the United States, Japan, China, everywhere. A few of my pen pals I actually did met, the ones in the US in places we were going on vacations to 🙂

    I grew up writing back and forth to strangers that became part of my life. Oddly I feel safer talking to people I “don’t know” on here than I do talking to people “I do know” out there. Weird no? The internet is just a larger version of pen pals in my book. 🙂

    • My best friend, though most “real life people” don’t like me calling him that, is actually someone I’ve never met in person. But we’ve been corresponding for 15 years now! Because of all the moving I’ve had to do in my life, he’s the only friend I’ve been in weekly contact with consistently for such a long period of time.

      Internet time moves quickly and I think we get to know each other much deeper, much faster online that we do in real life. Just like pen pals (I used to have pen pals, too!).

  6. Even though the offer of food was just a metaphor (sigh), the rest of it is spot on.
    Well done, Rara.

    Now off to check out this neat site I find myself on.

  7. Rara, you’ve hit another one out of the park. When I take life too seriously, I go in search of you to be a sun in my galaxy – after all, it rains a great deal here in the Pacific Northwest… Fibot, I’m going to hit follow and then enjoy your blog based on our good friend, Rara. Maybe our internet family is also so like a global lending library, we check in, we check out and keep on coming back. Thanks to you both for an excellent read. HuntMode

    • I love that metaphor! A lending library is such a positive exchange of knowledge and adventure, and you’re right– that’s exactly what we have here. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by– I know you’ll enjoy Fibot’s journeys, too!! 🙂

    • Hello and welcome. I’m glad you have followed my blog and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I love your metaphor for lending library as well!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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