BurgerEverybody loves a good burger place, right?

Living the life of a glutard* means that burgers are one of the things I really miss. I mean, it’s still possible to have a burger but it means no bread and eating it with a knife and fork, and asking the waiter/staff very particular and annoying questions about their burger supply, sauce ingredients and preparation methods – not exactly the same!

For any other London-dwelling glutards out there I am telling you your prayers have been answered. Get on down to Honest Burgers in Soho. Aside from the fact that they do probably the best burgers in town (for regular, normal-burger-eating people), they have gluten free bun options on the menu. Yes that’s right, an actual burger you can put your hands around and eat without a knife and fork!!!!

It is like heaven!

It get’s better too – they also serve gluten free beers! What’s that you say? Burger and beer? Without getting violently ill? Yes!!! We all know beer is yet another thing I miss and I have to say I was quite sceptical about how the gluten free options would taste. But they are actually really good… they taste like regular lager (from what I can remember).

One last thing about Honest burgers before I leave you all salivating and thinking about burgers all day is about their chips. You would think that chips are chips (aka fries) but these are something truly special – perfectly cooked to the exact right level of crunch and tastiness and then covered in herbs and spices to make them … wait for it… this is a big call… the BEST CHIPS I’VE EVER EATEN!! There you go, I said it.

The best part is you can happily come here with your non-glutard friends and know that you will all have a thoroughly delicious and enjoyable meal.

Honest Burgers? Honestly good!

Happy Glutard!

*Glutard – a person who can only eat gluten free foods. (Not a word I made up, but definitely a word I love)


4 thoughts on “Honestly

  1. Great news for Glutards indeed! Quick story: I went to a new doctor once to get a check up – blood work, etc. I called back a few days later and the nurse told me I was diabetic! Oh, shit! The first thing I thought about was all the foods that I would not be able to eat. I was very depressed about this matter. Happy Ending: It turns out I *wasn’t* diabetic, thank God! For a few days, though, I was limited as to what I could eat and it was a bummer. I am so happy for you that you discovered a Burger Joint that fits into your diet! Life without a burger would be like life without thumbs.

  2. Hooray for another great burger place! But, I’m so confused… you say London, and then you say SoHo, and SoHo can only mean South Hollywood (CA, USA)…. so where is this place?! 😉 Just kidding. But, if I’m ever in London again I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  3. Thanks to Rara’s guest blog, I got to touch bases with your site and the very first article was on the love of a good burger and fries. You are a woman after my own heart – as well as the one above who was traumatized at the idea of a life without burgers – what would be the point of living?

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