Shere: A Cyclist’s Dream

Some friends of ours have just made the big move from the city to the country; London to a little village called Shere (pronounced sheer). We borrowed a car and went down to help them move over the weekend. I use the term ‘helped’ very lightly as in the end the only helping we really did was take their TV down for them, but C also did some other helping while I was at work, mostly cleaning and what not. In any case it was more like a weekend away than a weekend helping someone move out.

We got down there, had a little look around, went to the pub for dinner and then went home to hang out in their new digs. And we got up this morning, had a lovely breakfast and another look around the town, went to the local cafe for coffees and cakes and then got back in the car to return to London. Like I said, more like a weekend away.

And man have they got a good spot there. Not only is their house GORGEOUS and big compared to what you get in London, with a huge kitchen and a lovely backyard but the town they’re in is picture perfect. It’s so English. It’s exactly as you imagine a small English village would be, filled with lots of cute cottages and Tudor houses, old brick buildings and a church with a cemetery in front of it (old school).

Shere is a cyclist’s dream. It’s part of the Surrey Hills and Shere itself happens to be on the Surrey Cycleway. It’s a tiny village neighboured by big hilly roads and rolling fields and loads of greenery. We saw heaps of cyclists on our short visit and we can’t wait to get down there again, but with our bikes, so we can check out more of the area. We did a bit of a drive around the area and it looks incredible and as much as we loved cycling around the New Forest, the roads all around look much more Duchess friendly! (For those of you who don’t know, I named my bike The Duchess).

And here’s another fun fact: Shere is the little village that the movie The Holiday was filmed in for any of you rom com lovers out there, and the pub we had dinner in (which is one of only two) is the pub where they go out. If only we were there at the time of filming we may have seen Jude Law. *sigh*.

Anyway, I’m not going to say much more as hopefully we’ll have many more Shere-based stories in the near future when we next visit, but in the meantime I will let the pics tell the story.


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