Things the movie Clueless taught me


I’m not ashamed to admit that the movie Clueless was one of my most watched films when I was younger. It wasn’t my favourite, and I know it wasn’t even that good, but it was my go-to chill-out film. I watched it over and over and over again because it was funny, and it was easy watching and I didn’t have to focus too much attention on it so I could put it on in the background.

As I got older, I became a Jane Austen fan as well so that kinda helped and then I had an excuse in year 12 to watch Clueless over and over again as ‘research’ for essays on modern adaptations of the novel Emma.  This could often be heard coming out of my mouth: ‘I promise Mum, this IS school work’. I think I had the same excuse for Bridget Jones’ Diary and also the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice which also starred Colin Firth (dreamy).

As a result, my life became punctuated with quotes from the movie Clueless and even now I still use random sayings. Needless to say I was delighted to read Rarasaur‘s most recent Prompts for the Promptless Episode when she brought up the quote ‘no way she’s a full on Monet’.

I am choosing to respond to her suggestion on a post listing things that the movie Clueless taught me. Some of them are listed as follows:

– Litigators are the scariest form of lawyers

– It’s ok to ‘pause’ at stop signs

– The meaning of the word tardy

– The word sporadically

– That you can use Coca Cola cans as hair rollers

– Who the band The Muffs were and by association who Kim Wilde was (original singer of the song Kids in America)

– That bright yellow tartan and Dr Seuss inspired hats can be pulled off… if only in the movies.



7 thoughts on “Things the movie Clueless taught me

  1. When it comes to this movie, I am clueless. 🙂 However, there’s an old American TV series from the 60s called “Get Smart” (a take off on James Bond). I have seen all 140 (or so) episodes no less than 4 billion times each. I mean, what’s not to like about a spy with a Shoe Phone, a .45 calibre hammer and a set of fake lips to prevent getting poisoned when kissed by a lady Bad Guy Spy wearing poisonous lip stick?

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