You need a little DRAMA in your life!


Australia is packed FULL of talent – musicians, artists, writers, actors, film makers – you name it (because I probably missed out a few), we have it.

One of the biggest problems though is the Australian arts industry and the film and television industry in particular needs a HUGE amount of support. It’s a huge untapped resource that includes, some might say, some of the best talent in this world. Sadly, it just doesn’t have the funding it needs to really put us on the map.

My amazingly talented actor friend Sophie is embarking on one of her biggest projects yet – she is writing, acting in, directing and producing her own feature film. What? YES!! She is doing all that on her own FEATURE FILM!!! Clever little bunny!!!

The film is called DRAMA and you can read all about it, and meet the cast here.

But in short:

‘it is a relationship driven film set against big themes of love, life & death, but also addressing the daily mechanics of life; having a home, a job, a social circle to connect to and what’s for dinner. It’s not simply a story for Gen Y, it’s a story for anyone who struggles to see how nowadays a romantic story can end with “happily ever after”. DRAMA straddles a number of genres, ticking boxes of comedy/drama/rom-com, but never settling for easy categorization.’

I’ve known Soph since she was still in high school slogging it out in school plays and the local theatre company in Newcastle, Australia where we met.

Soph has graced London with her presence and she will be popping back and forth between London and Paris, where she will be filming this bad boy of a film and then taking it back to Australia to use the production houses there to do all the post edit.

Soph is working closely with her French friend Jonathan Burteaux who is also starring in the film, and she is collaborating with a mammoth cast and crew from all over the world including a huge number of Australians and local Newy band The Seabellies who are doing most of the music specifically for the film (I believe). That’s Australian actors, Australian musicians and Australian filmmakers all in one place! I am probably getting a lot of the terminology wrong and perhaps some of the facts too but the point is – this massive undertaking is mind boggling to say the least and I am so proud, and in awe of, the lovely Soph.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, the film needs funding and while most of the hard work is being done by Soph and her crew, there are unavoidable costs and the money has to come from somewhere.

If you’re Australian this should be close to your heart as we need to do as much as we can to support our national talent so they don’t move offshore permanently where the likes of Hollywood, Broadway or The West End take credit for them.

And if you’re not Australian – well you should support them anyway – any kind of support for the arts is hugely important in this world.

Where can you donate? You can do it here, and you can donate as much or as little as you want. Even if you can only afford $1 or £1 or €1 or whatever the currency is where you live – every little bit helps!!

Support the arts. Support Soph. Support Australia. You will thank yourself, and when this film becomes an international success you can say, I was a part of something beautiful.



2 thoughts on “You need a little DRAMA in your life!

  1. Very cool! Hooray for something getting produced that doesn’t have to fit into the cookie cutter molds that hollywood, broadway, and the west end all demand.

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