Sometimes this world is a horrible, disgusting place where awful things happen. I am absolutely shocked and stunned to hear the news of the two men who murdered an off-duty soldier in broad daylight in London yesterday. I can’t actually believe people can be capable of doing something like this! There were innocent people in the area who had to witness this horrible event including really young children.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of it – here is a link to one of the many news articles about what happened. It is being considered a terrorist attack.

To make matters worse – a group known as the English Defence League rioted in what is considered a revenge attack on a number of the local mosques. I know plenty of Muslims personally who are kind, gentle people who just want peaceful normal life and I think it’s really sad that violence is responded to with more violence on innocent communities.

Politics aside, whether it’s a terrorist attack or not, something like this really puts things into perspective and makes you realise how truly lucky we have it sometimes when all you have to worry about in a day is how tired you are, or getting to work on time, or  not spilling coffee or toothpaste down the front of your shirt, or how you can afford that next holiday, rather than worrying about what horrific things you might see or experience when you walk down the street.

I am thanking my lucky stars today that I had the childhood that I had, that I have the family that I have, the friends that I have, that I live in the community I live in and that I am fortunate enough to live the life I live.

Shocking. Just shocking.


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