Crescent Head

In the middle of our rapidly paced road trip Dad and I stopped for a day at my sister’s place in Crescent Head for a break from the driving and to catch up with them as they unfortunately couldn’t spend much time up in Ballina while we were all there.

Now, of all the places I’ve travelled in the world, if there’s one place that I would choose to be if I could choose no other, it would be Crescent Head. I almost don’t want to blog about it because I want to keep it off the map and not add it to too many Bucket Lists but I am sharing the love in any case.

Crescent is a tiny surfing town about half way up the NSW coast. There’s not much to it by way of town if towns are your thing (you know, shopping and entertainment and all that), but if beaches, camping and gorgeous countryside are more up your street then Crescent has a LOT to offer. The tiny little town is one of the few in the country that have not sold out to big business and one thing I really respect about the township is they’ve worked really hard to ensure that no fast food restaurants or big chain shops or supermarkets ever come to town.

There are loads of beaches and camping spots to choose from and due to the fact it’s a small town hidden off the main highway (and relatively unknown) the back beaches (ie not the main beach) are usually pretty deserted, meaning you can spend an entire day at the beach without seeing another person.

Crescent Head beaches

No-one around

Add to the mix the fact that my sister and her partner live on a beautiful property about 10mins drive from the town and then you know I’ve really hit the jackpot with my favourite place… it’s the gorgeous coast and the rough, beautiful, Aussie countryside all in one. My sister, who will remain unnamed and un-photographed on request, will probably kill me for saying something as corny as what I am about to say but… there is something really spiritual and calming about the property that she lives on and Crescent Head in general. It is one of those places that just brightens your soul and makes you feel amazingly centred and zen. For someone as highly strung and anxious as me, the second I step foot on that land, I am instantly relaxed and chilled out – just like that! I don’t know what it is, maybe there could be something sacred about it but this place truly is magical and I know it’s not just me… everyone I know who has had the good fortune of going there has felt it… whether they like to admit the airy fairy stuff or not!

property 1

property 2


I had such an amazing time there – we spent the first evening having a delicious meal, a few many drinks and a few many laughs outside with the gorgeous property spilling out underneath us. In the morning we got up and made our way down to the beach with her two dogs and made the most of the time to ourselves, just us, the dogs, the while sand and the great big beautiful ocean. After a nice swim and a catch up we went back to the property, had a delicious lunch and then I spent the rest of the afternoon reading a book in one of the many hammocks outside her place until the others came home at which point the drinks, food, stories and laughs flowed once more. Bliss!!! Possibly my most relaxing day of the whole trip!

When we were little girls, my sister and I used to dream of a place like this and I for one never thought that it existed anymore considering so much of our coastline is built up. But we used to always say that it would be great if we could live on two adjacent properties so we could be neighbours and said properties would be massive enough to give us loads of space but be really close to the beach so we could have the best of both worlds. We used to say we would own horses and maybe a couple of other animals and we would send our kids over to each other’s places to be babysat when we wanted a break and we’d ride horses together and all sorts. Interestingly, the property next door to her is for sale but I somehow think the appeal of having her little sister living next door might have worn off a bit!!

But I’ll say it – she’s done it. She has found the place and made the dream come true: the property, the animals, the beach, the perfect partner – it’s all there. Sometimes I can’t help but be a tiny bit jealous but more than anything I am incredibly proud of and happy for her and also, incredibly pleased that I have somewhere so lovely and inviting to visit when I want to see her!!


5 thoughts on “Crescent Head

  1. Australia – Texas Down Under. Your posts and photos remind me so much of my home, the Lone Star State. No other place I have been to or have seen from afar in photos and videos touches my heart like Oz. It’s a spiritual connection of some kind. I must go there some day.

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