There is literally nothing better than being home. It is a fantasic feeling to be able to wake up in my childhood home, spend time with my amazing family and of course soak up some of that lovely sunshine.

It also helps that I happen to have grown up in a town that has gorgeous beaches and waterways all around it and a couple of other beautiful neighbouring towns with equally beautiful beaches and views.

The last few days have been complete relaxation – I’ve caught up with my parents (sharing a joke or two with my Dad), and two of my three siblings, I’ve seen some cousins and uncle and aunties, I’ve been able to spend time getting to know my ridiculously cute nieces who have managed to grow up from toddlers to proper little kids in my absence and have even caught up with a couple of friends. Aside from that I’ve been spending time in the sunshine, going for beautifully long runs around this stunning place, swimming in the ocean (for the first time in nearly a year), watching sunsets, drinking too much, eating too much, sleeping too much and generally just having an amazing time. I do sometimes wonder why I ever left and I wish that I could be rich enough when I come back, that I could live in a constant state of holiday as opposed to having to go back to the reality of work and responsibilities.

Outside our front yard

Outside our front yard

Mornings at home

Mornings at home

On my run...

On my run…

beach!Lennox Head

Lennox Head Point

It’s been so nice spending time with my nieces in my family home, watching them play the way we used to play, chasing crabs on the waterfront, swimming, walking the dog, riding their bikes on the driveway and it’s been great catching up with all the rest of the family on what’s going on in their lives, having a few laughs and reminiscing a bit on the past.

I give my Dad crap about how he doesn’t ever get any new material to tease us with or joke about but it has been nice to be in such a familiar place and see that not much changes. It’s so comforting that my parents are still happy and healthy and up for a laugh. I mentioned in a recent post that I probably wouldn’t recognise the house after the renovations that Mamma and Pappa Chappy have been doing, and since we were young Dad has had this long running joke about how when we are grown up he’s going to paint the house and change the locks so we can’t find the house when we try to come back. Walking in on Sunday I saw that as a joke he’d put a new number up on the front gate, and it had me in stitches. It really felt like home!!!

new number

new number

The weather has been perfect and it’s been so fun rediscovering all my favourite swimming spots, as well as my favourite little shopping, eating and drinking spots.

I wandered around Byron Bay yesterday, wishing that I was hungry enough to stop in every single food place that I loved when I used to frequent the town, like the breakfast place I go to, the felafel place I love, the ice creamery, the best pub. I settled for a wander around and a little rest on my favourite little grassy spot that my friends and I used to go to, before a long cooling swim in the crystal clear water. (Did I mention it’s winter and it’s still been about 25-30 degrees??

Byron Bay

Byron Bay Main Beach

My favourite spot in Byron

Top Pub, Byron

Life is good and I just don’t want these couple of weeks to end!!


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. It’s been so good having you home and seeing with my own eyes just how much you’ve changed over the past four years. I’ve really enjoyed spending a few days eating, drinking, playing and talking, remembering things from our childhood and watching the girls discover those same joys. PLEASE don’t go home?

    • It has been great for me too. I have loved being here and catching up and getting to know your girls and enjoying the wonderful weather. I don’t think I want to go home either. 🙂 xxx

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