Return To My Homeland

After a very long journey I have finally arrived home. On landing, the temp was about 17 degrees (C) and a little overcast, which to the locals was deemed a little on the chilly side and ‘not a very nice day’, all donning jumpers and coats. I, on the other hand, was relieved to be experiencing a temperature increase of about 20 degrees from what I’ve been experiencing in the long drawn out winter we’ve had in the UK and was instantly too hot in what I was wearing. I never thought I’d say this about Australia considering I grew up here and have always preferred the heat to the cold but holy hell this place is humid! By the middle of the day it was about 30 degrees and the sun was out. Not bad for Autumn!!! As much as I wanted to soak up the rays I knew I needed to stick to the shade for fear of burning my pasty white skin too much.

I spent the day in Brisbane yesterday catching up with some of my closest friends and some family. It was so nice to finally shed some of those heavy winter layers that I’ve been wearing for the last 6 months and finally wear something sans sleeves. It was also nice, after being away for another 2 year stint, to be reminded of some of the things that make me realise I’m home.

Things like colourful plastic money (it’s like a rainbow happened in my wallet), Aussie accents on the radio, Triple J, watching Sunrise over coffee in the morning, drinking decent coffee, shops like Big W, wide streets, Queenslander houses, middy and schooner drink sizes. It’s funny the things you forget about and the things that instantly make you feel like you’re home. What’s the opposite of homesickness? When you feel so overwhelmed by all the things that make you feel like you’re home? I can’t wait to get down to my parents’ house although they’ve renovated it since I’ve been away so it’s possible it will feel less like home than the last time but it will be nice to be surrounded by my lovely family.

One day down and I am already a little sunburnt, a little hungover, bursting with love and excitement and terribly jet lagged. Lots more fun to look forward to, many more friends to catch up with and of course some family. BRING IT ON!

Day 1


18 thoughts on “Return To My Homeland

  1. So glad you’re home and having fun! After I went to England for a summer, it felt so surreal to go back to American accents. Then after a week or so, I missed the British accent. And driving on the opposite side of the road. And fish and chips. I guess I miss a lot!? ha! But I’m so glad you’re enjoying being home again! xo

    • Thanks! It is good although I’ve only been here a couple of days. I wonder how long it will take before there is a shift from romantic nostalgia to irritation?! Just kidding – it’s brilliant being home. Fish and Chips are so much better in Australia as well, so in that sense I’m not missing out at all!!

  2. yey! pink twister ice lollies! ok stop showing off now and get back home (to london) and I will instruct you as to where to get a decent coffee 🙂

    • If it makes you feel better there was a massive storm yesterday…but the sun is shining again today. It is possible to get good coffee in the UK but it’s hard to find and is very hit and miss. Usually the good coffee places are run by Australians. 🙂

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