Leaving on a Jet Plane

What a hectic couple of weeks this has been! I am about to set off on a long flight back to Australia and am not too sure what kind of computer access I will have in the first week of being there, so am going to be out of blogging contact for a while. I know I know, I seem to be full of excuses lately, first I was sick, then I was busy with work, and now I am going to be on a plane for 24 hours!!

This week I have (amazingly) managed to:

– get through a 65 hour marathon style week – especially when I am out of practice

– deliver my projects on time, a little over budget, while working to a not very clear brief (anyone who works in my industry will understand what that means)

– write 3 blog posts (4 including this one)

– work 2 jobs

get to a gig and be reminded of what I am most passionate about in life (writing)

– stay positive

This week I have not managed to:

– see my husband

– see any of my friends except Susie (at the gig)

– sleep more than 4 hours in one night

– run

– wash any of my clothes

– cook anything

– pack for my trip

– read any of my book, knit or watch any of my shows

– get my haircut as planned

– organise myself

I hope to be refreshed and back on my game soon!!



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