Shock to the System

I’ve been so quiet at work for so long that I’ve been praying that it will pick up. Granted I have been awarded the luxury of having time to develop my blog, discover new bloggers and friends and be more in tune with the world at large via news, social media, emails etc, but it also got to the point I would count down the hours until I got to go home.

I am one of those people who generally likes to be busy at work – to feel needed, like I’m earning my keep, like I have a reason for being here and I’m always the one that gets excited at the prospect of a bigger work load when it has been quiet. I even picked up a second job seeing as I wasn’t feeling pushed and thought it would aide the saving.

But a warning to you dear readers, don’t take that saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ for granted – ever. There is a truth to that saying so uncanny it’s unreal. It has suddenly, out of the blue, gotten so busy at work that I’ve already done a 30 hour week and it’s only Tuesday. I pulled out the stops last week and did a 17 hour day (two jobs) and two subsequent 12 hour days (one job) and this week is shaping up to be much the same. I shouldn’t even be taking the time out to muse on the train wreck that is my week and type this up really.

It has taken the wind out of me. I am so overwhelmed because I’ve grown used to being quiet. My system is quite literally in shock. I am so grateful for the fact that on Saturday I’m on a plane outta here for 3 weeks which is funny because for the last few months I’ve been dying to be busier. But with that relief, comes guilt. Guilt for leaving in the middle of a really exciting and busy time, guilt for being relieved, guilt that I won’t be here to see the finishing touches being done. Ok, that last one isn’t so much guilt as my control freakery coming out.

Anyway, I don’t even know if anything I’ve written has made sense and I don’t have the time to read it back and check for grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. All I am left with is a plea – a plea that my poor little blog doesn’t suffer from the lack of new posts and that my readers don’t leave me because they are bored. I just wish I could have seen this coming so I could arrange guest bloggers.*

Stay with me guys – I will dig myself out of the work I’ve been buried under very soon!


*Feel free to submit posts anyone who is keen. Email me on


5 thoughts on “Shock to the System

    • Haha!! I knew that there would be something wrong with my post – not 3 weeks on a plane no thank god! Australia for 3 weeks. Adventures of an Aussie Girl in… Australia… 🙂

      • You should definitely go – but make sure you’ve got plenty of time to check out a few places. Don’t just do the Sydney, Melbourne thing. I’ve never noticed that about Texans and Aussies but I will pay closer attention. That said, can’t say I know many Texans.

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