Brighton ‘Quick Stop’ Pub Guide

On our recent road trip over the long weekend we stayed in Brighton for a night before heading west to Cornwall. While there, we had planned to go for a lovely long walk along the beach, take a look around The Lanes and generally just hang out, but it was F F F F FREEZING and really windy so we decided after a short walk around The Lanes to do a small pub crawl.

We are big lovers of good pubs and love trying new places and finding little gems although in some ways we are also the worst customers because we can be super critical, both having a background in hospitality and high expectations around food and beverage offering and quality, cleanliness, operations and most importantly customer service.

C used to live in Brighton so he already had an idea where to take me which was good and I have to say each of the pubs we visited were brilliant in their own ways and all offered something different. So if you are only in Brighton for a short stay and want to know where to go without having to undergo the ‘trial and error’ thing here is a little big of insight…

Mash Tun

Located just off The Lanes, this little pub is one for the hipsters and the after work drinkers. We arrived around 4-ish and it wasn’t too packed yet, but it is a small pub and I can see it becoming quite busy later into the evening. While we were there every table was occupied which says a lot of the place and it seemed to be a real locals’ pub. The beer and wine selection were pretty standard with not so many adventurous options but they had a couple of good ales (C tried them) and they had a pretty good bar snacks menu. Although, we did order some cheesy chips and they didn’t have much cheese on them so they lost points on that front. Pretty laid back atmosphere and one I think you could easily become a regular at.

Mash Tun

The Mash Tun

The Basketmakers Arms

Aside from the fact that I was sat there feeling annoyed at the lack of apostrophe in the pub name, this pub was awesome. C tells me it used to be a bikers pub and you can see from the inside that it still caters slightly to that audience. It’s a Fuller’s pub and I’m not usually into the full-on chain pubs but this one had a great menu and boasted the sourcing of food from local fisherman, cheese specialists and farms just outside of Brighton – always a positive in my book. This pub was much less of the ‘hipster’ scene and catered for a slightly older crowd but a good eclectic mix of people. Drinks wise they had a pretty broad selection which was good and you could tell they took good care of their beer lines!

The Basketmakers Arms

The Evening Star

If you love beer, than this is the place for you. If there’s one word you could say about their drinks list its: impressive! They have a TINY bar but manage to put about 15 taps on it including a number of beers that they brew themselves, and they even had a couple of good cider taps (yay for me) including a deadly 7.2% one that set me on the downward spiral to drunkeness. They also have a wide selection of bottled beers to choose from if the ones on tap don’t tickle your fancy. This is a proper ale drinkers pub and it was largely occupied by male versions of our species. I counted 5 women including myself and roughly about 60-70 punters in total. Not sure they have much in the way of a food offering but it’s definitely a drinking pub and very close to the train station so it could easily be your first or last stop!

The Evening Star

Wide beer selection

Beer fridge

The Lion and Lobster

If you’re looking for a pub that has everything than this one is it. Great drinks menu, amazing food menu, a drinking area downstairs, a dining room for eating, another couple of floors and a great outdoor area/beer garden. I can see this place bursting at the seams in summer as it was already pretty packed in the winter. We had to wait around 10mins (not bad) for our table but we didn’t book and the staff there were all massively run off their feet – yet still willing to talk you through the menu, smile and be polite – win! The menu was awesome – not your average pub grub, but instead some really unique flavours and adventurous dishes. I was pretty drunk by this stage so I won’t try to give you a run down of the dishes because I can’t remember them, but I remember being impressed and intrigued as to whether they could pull these dishes off. I had the salmon and it was delicious and C was well pleased with his dish. It’s not a fancy pub so still pretty laid back and chilled but kinda the perfect ‘date’ pub – a drink, and if things go well a bite to eat, and if things go really well then a quick boogie.

lion and lobster


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