Daily Gratitude

You may all remember that I am trying to take time out each day to consider the things I’m grateful for, whether they are big or small, narrow or broad.

You may also all be wondering how our planned Cornwall camping trip went. Updates on that to follow but in the meantime here is my daily thanks log for the last couple of weeks (the last ‘thanks’ I posted about was 17 March) and the most recent few may give you a sneak preview as to how our trip went!

18 Mar: My amazing friend Amber who celebrates her birthday on this day / online shopping / waking up to lovely long emails in the morning from Aus / Impossibilities / cold and flu meds

19 Mar: My lovely clean house / my awesome husband for cleaning it while I relaxed / my new hobby / upcoming holiday plans that are making me excited / people planning days out of work to spend with me

20 Mar: My other amazing friend Carly who is organising so much for me while I’m home / a busy and interesting day at work / quiet night in (see above re cold and flu meds) / leftovers / our comfy bed

21 Mar: Hubby for looking after me / movies / painkillers / home cooked sympathy food / sleep (I got my wisdom tooth out on this day)

22 Mar: The ability to & luxury of work from home / cold and flu meds (yes still grateful for these) / painkillers (still grateful) / sleep / the friend of C’s who has put me on his car insurance so we can borrow it anytime

23 Mar: A whole day with hubs / movies / snuggles / ice cream / heating

24 Mar: My sister-in-law who I consider an actual sister who celebrates her birthday today / reality / reconnecting with my blog / tips / a new book to get stuck into (and the fact I learned how to read)

25 Mar: Politeness (more people should learn this) / general human kindness (again, more people should learn this) / re-connecting with old friends / my bike (aka The Duchess) / warm gloves

26 Mar: Laughter in the office (it can be rare) / renewed faith in the world / serendipity / knit night and seeing lovely people / having hubs home early from work

27 Mar: Finishing work on time to start our hols / marital team work to get everything sorted / to all the people who let us borrow their various camping equipment / the use of the car / finally getting to bed after a busy night sorting things out

28 Mar: Good company in the LONG, LONG traffic queues /the Google Maps app / a lovely hotel stay in Brighton / seeing our friend Maurizio / the long weekend!

29 Mar: breakfast with an ocean view / again to have good company in long traffic queues /to be out of the car / the lovely B&B we ended up staying in instead of our tent / gluten free pizza!!

30 Mar: A gorgeous start to the morning with brekky by a crackling fire / the national park / the amazing country market where we bought gluten free pate!! / finding suitable last minute accommodation / being able to sleep with the sound of the ocean waves in our ears

31 Mar: Waking up to an ocean view / having the car / getting to see the Minack Theatre / an amazing long hike / a hot cup of tea

1 Apr: My gorgeous friend and adopted sister Jess who celebrates her birthday on this day / beating the inevitable bank holiday traffic / not missing the Man Utd game / a hot hot hot bath / being back in our own bed

2 Apr: To all the people who voted for me in the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition / especially my Mum, my sister and my friend Meg who I think all voted at least a million times each! / some exciting new projects at work / knowing I don’t have to cook when I get home / that it’s nearly home time!





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