Have we gone completely mad?

The joke that is ‘Spring’ in the UK this year continues to greet us on a daily basis with freezing temperatures, black ice on the ground and the occasional snow shower what seems to be a constant blizzard.

Meanwhile, C and I are busily prepping for our weekend away over the Easter break. You may be imagining the sunny shores of Portugal or Spain, or potentially a lovely winter cabin somewhere in the UK with a log fire and a couple of bottles of good wine, but you would be terribly mistaken. No no, we are planning a camping trip. In Cornwall. Yes, that’s right, camping.

Travel planning

I don’t know who had the bright idea to try to see that part of the UK over Easter and camp while doing it, but whoever it was should be shot (ok ok it was me). I mean, why oh why have we not learnt the lesson from the last time we tried to camp in the Springter TM (the new name I am giving this strange season)?

The weather forecast looks a little like this:

Compliments of the Weather Channel

Compliments of the Weather Channel


Temps of around 9 and 10 are ok, but they are the max temps, and don’t forget the rain. Camping is never fun in the rain, and the cold!

The night times look more like this:

Compliments of the Met Office

Compliments of the Met Office

With some snow forecast overnight and the description of the weather like this:

UK Outlook for Friday 29 Mar 2013 to Sunday 7 Apr 2013:

Many areas starting dry and cold with some sunny spells, though a few snow showers possible, mainly in the north. Cloudier, windier and more unsettled conditions are then likely to spread across southern areas, slowly heading northeastwards during the Easter Weekend into some more central parts of the UK. This rain may be preceded by snow, heavy at times.

It is with this in mind that I ask you the question – have Hubs and I gone completely mad? It will be an adventure, right? Right? I mean picture it: us, a set of wheels, the gorgeous UK countryside and coastal strip, freedom, lovely country pubs, national parks to explore, local breweries to visit, adventure, fun.

Or, the other and more likely scenario, is that we will be horribly uncomfortable, miserable, cold, wet and grumpy and may end up having an argument (or two).

Our back up plan is to sleep in the car if things take a turn for the worst, which isn’t really a great backup plan at all. But as we’re low on budget, and high on our sense of adventure we are going to go with it and see what happens.

I will be sure to fill you all in on our trip after the fact, but in the meantime I am going to pray for a sudden and unexpected change in the weather and continue to dream that my future adventures will be a little more comfortable and allowing of higher budgets.

Speaking of which, there is only ONE WEEK left for you to help me get into the finalists for the Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition, and make my dream of living a life of adventure, winning the money to support it and the ability to write about it, come true!!

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7 thoughts on “Have we gone completely mad?

  1. I live in the top right hand corner of the USA in Maine. We are experiencing similar temperatures here as you are there, about 5 Celsius (41 F) during the warmest part of the day. We’ve probably had over 100 inches of snow so far this season. Here’s our weather forecast for the next few days : http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/augusta-me/04330/weather-forecast/1544_pc Not bad, huh?

    Have a mess of fun on your holiday! Getting back to Nature is good for the soul.

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