Daily Thanks

I figure if I don’t log my 5 things on here every so often that I’ll get out of the habit of writing them down on a daily basis. Already, after only about a week of this practice, I’ve already forgotten to take down a quick note every day – completely forgetting over the weekend. But thinking back I can fill in the blanks and besides, habits take a while to become habits.

For those of you who don’t remember, this ‘being grateful for 5 things a day’ thing was inspired partly by my ‘It’s the Little Things’ post, partly by our British Museum experience, and partly by Kozo.

So here they are, I am grateful for/to:

Thursday 7th:

1. Pay day!

2. Clear drinking water

3. Google

4. The generosity of friends who are lending us things to go camping (car, tent etc.)

5. London’s West End

Friday 8th:

1. My good friend Ej for being there for me when I really needed it

2. Friday nights

3. To be employed

4. Sex and the City

5. Wine

Saturday 9th:

1. My comfortable bed

2. The butcher who is always so friendly and who gives us discounts

3. Extra babysitting money

4. All of the amazing people who have been voting for me on the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition

5. My husband

Sunday 10th:

1. To be lucky to have such great friends who live so close by

2. My clean house

3. That I can eat cheese (gluten is one thing but take cheese away and there would be trouble)

4. Weekends

5. To have the house to myself

Monday 11th

1. Heating systems

2. To have work to do

3. The awesome bloggers that I follow for always offering me something interesting to read

4. My readers, for helping making blogging worthwhile and rewarding

5. Having C home for the evening (first time in over a week)

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P.S… this is my 100th post!! YAY Me!


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