Food Satisfaction

The daily prompt today asked for us to describe our most memorable meal in glorious detail. Aside from the fact that I often write foody blogs, literally my last post was about a meal, in fact a set of memorable and delicious meals, so I feel that it would be repetitive to write yet another one with virtually the same subject matter in such rapid succession.*

But what I will do is provide a link back to my last post  for anyone who missed it, and also tell you what I’m planning on embarking on this weekend in my attempt to stay in from the cold and not spend any money while C is working. Usually on weekends like this I can be found in my kitchen, music cranking, elbow deep in flour and other mess…

So this week…

The soup will be: Pea and Ham Soup – a delicious recipe that I got from my awesome sister (I actually have 3 awesome sisters, but it was just off one of them). It is one of my favourite soup recipes and also one of C’s favourites. It’s a bit of special recipe so I can’t share it.

The treat food will be: These amazing looking chocolate and caramel cookies that I think look DIVINE and I can’t wait to try… and yes I will be going on a LONG run on Saturday to help balance out the calorie intake with the calorie loss… as well as running through the week!! (Some weeks I do make healthy ‘treats’ but these just look too good NOT to try!)

The trough food contenders include: another amazing risotto (flavour to be decided) and Puerto Rican Chicken and Rice, which can be found in Levi Roots’ book ‘Carribean Food Made Easy’ but is also here on this blog.

This week’s Sunday Roast will be: Unfortunately this week we aren’t doing a Sunday roast. (Shock! Horror!)

I may end up doing other things as well, but this is the plan so far.

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy the weekend!


This post was developed as part of today’s Daily Prompt.


*As an aside, it often happens that a daily prompt comes up and it’s virtually the exact topic that I’ve already written about, sometimes days, sometimes months before. I find it pretty frustrating but I’ve just realised that perhaps it should give me comfort rather than frustrate me, because at least I now that I’m writing about interesting topics. Well hopefully anyway.


And for the next 30 or so days I just don’t think I’ll be able to finish a post without reminding people to please vote for me in the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition.

If you haven’t yet voted for my entry in the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition then please take a minute or so to do it and also share with your friends. The web address can be found here and you can vote via the green vote box as many times as you like and via all of the social media channels shown.Here is the link:

Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List


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