Why are you here?

I am one of those lucky people who grew up in a gorgeous part of the world. Ballina is a small town on the East Coast of Australia. It also happens to be a stone’s throw away from other gorgeous coastal towns like Lennox Head, and the better known Byron Bay. It is one of those places that makes your soul smile.


Ballina 2

On stunning coastal walks bursting with sunshine and crystal clear water, it’s not uncommon to spot a whale or dolphin or two off the coast. I also had the good fortune to live in other coastal areas further south when I started out at Uni and in my career – Newcastle is famous for its beaches and what foreigner hasn’t heard of Sydney with its gorgeous beaches and its tourist attractions?

Australian Coast


When I tell people in London where I’m from, even if they’ve never heard of little Ballina or even if I don’t go into specifics about the coast/beaches, without fail the first question I’m asked is ‘Why the hell do you want to live here?’ or words to that effect.

My answer is quite simply ‘to travel’. It’s true, I did leave a stunning part of the world behind, but there is so much more of this world to see and while I’ll always call Australia home,* it is awfully far away from the rest of the world. It is so much easier to see the world from London as your starting point, quite simply because it doesn’t take 24 hours to get somewhere so you can travel on the weekends or shorter holidays and can work in between (unfortunately I’m not made of money).

Not to mention the fact that London itself is a gorgeous city and the setting for so many books, movies and dreams I read/watched/had when I was growing up and I always wanted to experience living here.

But the proximity to Europe is the real reason I moved here – I had dreams of travelling and experiencing places that were different from places in Australia. I wanted to experience different food, different ways of life, different scenery and different perspectives.

Backpacker Fi

Of course there are other reasons I stayed so long as well, namely marrying the best man in the world, working in interesting places and falling in love with the city. But C is an adventurer too and would go anywhere with me so he’s not the reason I am here, and although I love London I know it’s not forever. We will eventually move back to Australia, settle down, have kids, get a mortgage, open a business and all those other ‘grown up’ things you’re meant to do at a certain age.

I am lucky to have done a fair bit of travel since I first left my island home – 22 countries and counting – but I still have so much to see and do before I make the journey home. And this, my friends, is where you can help me!

I have recently entered into a competition to win my ultimate prize – 6 months travelling around the world AND the opportunity to write about it. Travel AND writing – are you kidding? This would, quite literally, be a dream come true for me. So, if you want to help me to see a little more of our amazing world, and make my dream come true then please help out.

Please follow the link below and use the green voting box to the right of my entry and vote for me. And please share this with your networks. Come on blogging family, help a sister out!!

Don’t just like this post – you need to vote via any or all of the social media channels listed (Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Google +).

So vote away and don’t forget to tell your friends!!

Here is the link: http://www.mydestination.com/users/fibot/bbb?#tab

Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List

* This song ALWAYS brings a tear to my eye!!!


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