Valentine’s Day

Flowers 'just because'

Flowers ‘just because’

Anyone who knows me, and most likely anyone who reads this blog, has probably gathered that I can be a bit of a softie and a hopeless romantic.

I’m seriously big into birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas as my many of my posts suggest and usually any other day where I can be spoiled rotten and can in turn spoil others. I also can be guilty of being quite gushy and making public statements about how much I love my husband, friends and family.

Yesterday, my darling husband left town to head to Brighton to see a mate for a few days. And last night, I caught up with some mates at the pub. A lot of people I told this fact to seemed a little shocked and surprised that we’d do that on Valentine’s Day. But, much to C’s relief and delight, and much to a lot of people’s surprise, Valentine’s Day is really not my thing. (Wipe those shocked looks off your faces, go on, do it!)

I just feel it’s so forced and commercial. I don’t feel  as though there’s any spontaneous romance if you are given flowers or chocolates or cards on a day when the whole world is reminding the giver to do so. It feels like it’s a chore rather than a gesture that people truly want to make.

I will take a bunch of flowers (see picture), a romantic date or a sweet comment any day of the year, except if it’s Valentine’s Day in which case I just feel as though it’s put on. I despise the fact that flowers and chocolates shoot up in price a couple of days before and I could think of nothing worse than going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. It would be busy, it would be crowded and it would feel awkward.

But, forget to say ‘I love you’ or do something sweet on our anniversary or on my birthday and you’re in real trouble! C’s lucky in this respect too because I would never, ever let him forget these days on the calendar!!

So instead of saying Happy Valentine’s Day  to C  I’m saying – enjoy your trip away to Brighton and please come back and tell me you love me ‘just because’ rather than because it’s the socially expected thing to do. x


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