Burning down the house

Daily Prompt: Burning Down the House

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

C and I have a very modest home over on this side of the world and most of my worldly belongings are in a storage shed back in Australia, much to my father’s disappointment (I was only meant to be gone for 2 years, and 4 years later he’s still storing my stuff for me). So this should be an easy enough one to answer:

Number one on the list and by far the most important item – our computer. On it is stored all of our photos, previous work, beloved recipes and lots of other important information of ours. And it also acts as our television, DVD player and most importantly, my blogging tool.

Number two on the list – my bag. My bag contains a bunch of important things like my wallet and my phone and a whole bunch of other things so this would be quite important. If I had these things, I assume I could do important stuff like buy new clothes and ring the insurance company, oh and the fire department. This isn’t cheating because although it contains many things, it’s just one item.

Number three  on my list – our ‘important drawer’. This drawer has loads of important things in it such as our passports (how would we travel??), marriage certificate, birth certificates, rental agreement, insurance policies, etc. I refer to an earlier post where I explain how organised anally retentive I am so every single important piece of information we own is in here. Again, not cheating as I’d just yank the whole drawer out and run out with it.

Number four on the list – my jewellery box. This might seem a little frivolous but I have bought an item of jewellery from almost every place I’ve visited in my travels so I can remember the place, time and experiences I had and each of these items hold a sentimental place in my heart.

Number five – the wine. I figure by this point I’ll be wanting a good stiff drink if I’m watching our house and all it’s contents burn to cinders and seeing as thus far I’ve been super practical why not grab the thing that will help me drown my sorrows?

I also didn’t list my gorgeous bike (aka The Duchess) because the rule was the house was on fire and The Duchess is always kept outside so I didn’t need to consider her. I’d be wearing my wedding ring, and clothes and my watch presumably, so all that stuff would be ok too.

I know most people would be wanting to take their favourite item of clothing, or their favourite pairs of shoes or some such and I know there might be surprise at the fact I didn’t take any of my cooking stuff or recipe books but at the end of the day all that stuff is replaceable and the prompt said that all people/pets were ok, so C would obviously be safe. And although I can imagine I’d be quite upset and also mourning a lot of my favourite books, pictures, clothes, etc I think if C and I were alright, then we could pretty much face any challenge.

And think of it this way, at least we wouldn’t have to pack too much when we moved into our next house, making moving quite easy!


This post was developed as part of today’s Daily Prompt. (I have to admit I’m a little alarmed at how, true to character, I’ve been ridiculously practical in this otherwise hypothetical prompt).



11 thoughts on “Burning down the house

    • True, although vodka or gin is more my ‘stiff drink’ of choice. I am partial to the ol’ port as well which is much stronger. I think I’d be taking myself to the pub and settling in there for a while in any case, but no use letting the wine burn right?? Just fuel for the fire, when it could be in my belly! 🙂

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