Dearly Departed

Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed

by michelle w. on January 25, 2013

Write your own eulogy.

How creepy is this? I was cycling home from work last night thinking about this. I’m not sure why it came into my head or why I was wondering what someone would say if they were writing my eulogy. And then as I always do I started questioning why I had a question like this in my head in the first place. … because that’s just what it’s like inside my head. I have a thought, wonder about it for a bit, then I spend time wondering why I wondered about it, and then I wonder why I spent time wondering why I wondered about it and it goes on and on and on. (Exhausting, really!)

So anyway, I thought, ‘I wonder if this has been used as a Daily Prompt before… if not, I could imagine it being an interesting one to read’. And then today, it came through as the Daily Prompt. OH SO CREEPY!!!

This entire thought process didn’t last long, probably only about 2 or 3 blocks of my trip home and during it, I also very quickly came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t participate in this particular Daily Prompt because I wouldn’t be sure what I’d say…

But now, seeing as the universe or WordPress seems to have read my mind, or in fact, ‘Michelle W on January 25’ seems to have read it, I think I owe it to the world / universe/ WordPress / Michelle to respond… but I’ll sum it up in bullet points because I think it’s slightly morbid to be thinking in great detail about what people would say if you died.

So I think it would cover these points:

  • something about my over thinking mind (see intro of post)
  • something about how much I worry and how anxious I get
  • something about how much I nag (this would come from my hubby)
  • and something about how they know I only nag because I care so much about them all (and because it’s in my genes)
  • it would probably say something about how much I love the people in my life (at least I hope it would)
  • and I presume it would say something about how I’d do anything for them and find it hard to say no even when I know I should…. ie with work, or by over-committing myself to too many weekend activities not realising I can’t split myself into two
  • and I think it would say that I would be missed… I know this because I live in a completely different country from my family and I know they already miss me and I’ve never had any doubt in my mind how much my parents, siblings, extended family, friends and husband love me.

That is all. The rest I’ll leave to the person/people responsible when the time comes, which I hope is a long time from now.


This post was reluctantly written as part of Daily Prompt because I was a little creeped out by how they seemed to be able to see into my mind…



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