Winter is Coming

No I am not from Winterfell and this isn’t a blog about how much I love the show Game of Thrones (although it is a brilliant show).

The weather has taken a bit of a turn and the chill is in the air. That piercing cold that gets right through your clothes is nearly upon us. As I was cycling to work yesterday, I noticed nearly all the autumn leaves have finished falling, which means winter is well and truly here now, and so is Christmas.

I LOVE the fact that I now get to experience winter Christmases. BUT I don’t particularly like the English winter come January, so I like to make the most of the romance of it all for as long as possible before the depression and the longing for daylight and warmth sets in.

We all remember what it’s like, don’t we? Being that excited kid who is counting down the days until Santa comes, who is writing Christmas lists and making Christmas decorations and being ‘extra specially good’ and spotting things in department stores and thinking ‘I want, I want, I want’.

Well I have never grown out of it. Don’t get me wrong, the meaning of Christmas for me has changed significantly. It’s not about Santa and presents and all of the things that kids look forward to anymore. Now, for me, it’s about being surrounded by people we love and spending the day together and eating delicious food and drinking and playing silly board games and all of that.

Unlike this guy, (whose picture I used on this blog) I still count down the days, and I still get excited about putting up the decorations and I still write lists (shopping lists, to-do lists, grocery lists and yes a wish list… but this is mainly because C is so forgetful and requests a wish list so he knows what present to get me).  Instead of walking through department stores and thinking, ‘I want, I want, I want’, I now trawl through food blogs and recipe books and stroll through supermarkets thinking ‘I want to make, I want to make, I want to make’. I love Christmas baking, I love watching cheesy Christmas movies (I’ve already put this year’s list together) and yes, I love listening to Christmas carols.

For me Christmas isn’t just about one day anymore. I like to do all the things leading up to Christmas because I just love the festive season. A lot of people are against the Christmas decorations going up early and I understand that to a point (October is too early) but I sort of feel that once Guy Fawkes Day has passed – bring it on. What’s the point of leaving it until JUST before Christmas and only enjoying it for a short while? Why not make the most of the festive season and the cheer and the fun? As soon as the lights come on, I can’t help feeling like that excited little kid that I’ve always been and screaming ‘CHRISTMAS IS COMING, CHRISTMAS IS COMING, CHRISTMAS IS COMING’.

I’ve got a few Christmas activities lined up this year so far which include:

–          Checking out the Christmas Lights in Oxford Street, Regent Street, Marylebone etc. (done, and done)

–          Christmas Dinner at Circus (done, a few weeks ago)

–          A trip to Berlin for the Christmas markets (this weekend – SO excited)

–          Winter Wonderland

–          Work Christmas Party

–          A few Christmas lunches

–          Seeing The Snowman at Sadler’s Wells

–          Ice Skating at Somerset House

–          Christmas catch-ups with friends from Singapore

–          Christmas Eve Drinks at the Churchill Arms

–          AND OF COURSE CHRISTMAS DAY – This year we are once again doing Orphan’s Christmas.

I’ve also got a few baking days planned for things like gingerbread houses and cakes and pies and stuffing balls, a LONG list of Christmas movies to watch, a few nights out planned where I intend to drink mulled wine and I hope to do some Carols at some point too.

The lists are written, the decorations are nearly up and this is one Christmas fan who is well and truly excited!

It doesn’t end at Christmas either – I like to make it last all the way through to the New Year! Boxing Day is always a special day where we eat leftovers and continue to party, and then I’ve got a trip to France planned to see a mate from home, and for New Year’s C and I are heading up to Edinburgh for Hogmanay!


(Now I just need to get through these last few weeks of work so I can focus ALL my attention on the festivities!)


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