Milkin’ it…

It’s funny, there are things I can cook or make that I don’t give much thought to – I’ve pretty much always known how to make them and remember the recipes and the thought of making them doesn’t stress me out. And there are things I make that do stress me out a little because it’s all about precision so I get a bit worked up but still manage it. And then, I sometimes come across something that I never would have considered making, nor thought it possible and when I do I become slightly proud of myself even if it was actually very, very easy. I think it’s the sheer wonder of the possibilities with food… and the amount of things you can actually do yourself!!

One such moment arrived last week when I made almond milk. I think I’ve bored everyone enough about the challenging diet C and I are on at the moment which excludes dairy, sugar, processed food, fruit, gluten, grains and for me most starchy veg so I won’t go into too much detail but it is for this reason, when I started reading Lee Holme’s fabulous cookbook and website, Supercharged Food, which is focused on gluten, dairy, sugar and wheat free foods that almond milk stood out to me.

Firstly, as a bi-product of the no dairy thing I’ve had to give up coffee, which funnily enough I am still technically allowed to have. I couldn’t go to soy or goats or rice milk because all the store bought brands have sugar in them… and I LOVE my coffee. Anyone in my family will tell you I can’t survive without it. Turns out, I can indeed survive without it, better than I expected I would. However, and  this is a weird thing to say, I actually miss the process of coffee…I miss chatting to colleagues over the cafetière (‘plunger’ in Aussie) while we’re making it, I miss the smell, I miss the actual drinking of coffee – in short I miss the ritual more than the actual thing. And some might wonder why I don’t just have it black but unfortunately I just can’t drink it black. Unless of course it’s an espresso, but then they are gone within a few seconds and I really don’t enjoy them as much.

So… almond milk looked like it was going to be my coffee salvation… and it was! It is actually very simple to make – with only 3 ingredients (although I only used 2 as I didn’t have any stevia) and because nuts and coffee go so well together anyway it was delicious when used in my morning coffee.

I blanched the almonds myself which is harder than it sounds because I had to peel the skins off which is a bit time consuming and annoying but if you buy blanched nuts you can have almond milk in a matter of seconds really.

My next challenge is to use it and the pulp, amongst other things, to make a dairy free ice cream… it will be my weekend challenge but I’m looking forward to it.

Credit where credit is due, you can find the recipe here. And even more credit where credit’s due – I would never had heard of Lee Holmes and her fabulous cookbook if it weren’t for my friend Amelia who told me all about it.

‘Til next time…



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