Sweet Dispositions

C and I were lucky enough to see The Temper Trap on Thursday night. The gig was at the Hammersmith Apollo, not a fantastic venue but I do prefer when the venue is not SO big that you end up watching the whole thing on a screen so in that sense it was perfect.

The support band was terrible. I don’t even know what they were called as I must have blocked it out as I was frantically trying to block out their music. I wondered at the time if it had something to do with the sound technicians but when the main act came on the sound was perfect so it couldn’t have been that. The support band were completely uninspiring, out of tune, trying to use synthesisers but completely ineffectively, the front man was a complete poser and it just looked forced and whenever he tried to dance to his own music he was so awkward looking it was hard not to look away out of embarrassment for the poor bugger. I have never before seen a front man that can’t dance to the music of his own making. What the??

The Temper Trap by stark contrast were brilliant and it was such a buzz to see them live. Being an Australian band, and having a gig in Hammersmith meant a large majority of the crowd were loud, annoying Australians (you know the ones, where you hear their voices and cringe??). We were unfortunate enough to be standing next to one group who was there not to listen to the music but to get as smashed as possible and they spent the majority of the night talking with their backs to the stage. And we wonder why us Aussies get a bad name in foreign countries?!

Anyway, enough about the support and the crowd and more about the band. Singer Dougy Mandagi, originally from Indonesia has the most amazing, unique voice – he has an amazing range as well and he can so effortlessly move into falsetto so crisp and pure it’s almost chilling. He’s looks completely at ease with the microphone and his voice as his instrument and occasionally busts out on a drum or a guitar to add to the explosion of incredible music coming from the rest of the band. Everything you want in a front man.

The rest of the band members are incredibly talented as well, shifting between guitars and keyboards and drums and each having a role to play in backup singing. The music is so intricately put together with layers of feedback and synths it’s awe-inspiring.

They played a good mix of their two albums Conditions and The Temper Trap and balanced perfectly between their slower tempo stuff and their epic tunes.

All in all it was a brilliant gig and although it was weird to go to a gig and not drink it was loads of fun and we’re really glad we went.

Pictures never seem to do the gig justice so I’ve only included a couple…


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