10 Things I Love About You

After the first year of marriage, I thought it only fitting that I should write a little post on the experiences of that first year and why I am ridiculously, over-the-moon happy and head-over-heels in love.

Our first year certainly wasn’t easy – we faced some financial challenges, and were miserable where we were living and we both faced some personal challenges (new jobs, health etc) as well. These are not necessarily good ingredients in the recipe for a happy marriage. Also, it should be noted that we’re both fiery people which is again, not necessarily a good thing. But, in our case, it has only made us stronger. We worked really hard to get ourselves out of the red with money, and we’re still striving to get there to a degree. We have supported each other through our individual trials. We have moved house and have started to make it a home, and at the end of the day, we love each other.

The first year was also great because we are surrounded by amazing friends, had a lot of fun together, traveled a lot and have grown so much more fond of each other (if that’s even possible).

We are by no means suggesting we’re experts on marriage after only one year (some couples I know are celebrating upwards of 40 years together) but here are some small secrets to a good relationship to impart on anyone who is interested. We make sure that we don’t get too bogged down in the ‘logistics’ of married life (like bills, paperwork, housework, organising our lives) and make sure we go out on a proper date every couple of weeks and we make time for ourselves. We happen to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and even with opposite or hard to manage working hours and trying to juggle different social interests,  we make sure we have enough time in the week for ‘just us’. We never keep secrets from each other. In fact, it is impossible for C to lie to me or me to him (because we can tell when we do). We are always a team and have each other’s backs.

He’s definitely not perfect, and nor am I, but we are perfect for each other and even when we really piss each other off or completely disagree with each other – all it means is we learn a little bit more about each other (and ourselves).

And for those of you who’ve managed to get through this entire post without being sick, here are just 10 of the many reasons I love my man:

  1. He makes me laugh
  2. He challenges and inspires me
  3. He supports me and encourages me – always my number one fan
  4. He is opinionated and loves a good ‘debate’
  5. He drives me absolutely crazy with his messiness and forgetfulness but he always tries not to
  6. He tells me every single day that I am beautiful even when I’m sick, or hungover, or just back from a run, but it is never forced
  7. He is an amazing cook
  8. He loves my family
  9. He gives the best hugs
  10. He has the biggest heart and most welcoming nature of anyone I know

Happy Anniversary Bub (for yesterday) – love of my life, partner in crime and the best thing that ever happened to me.  xxx


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