Our Challenge

Well, after another long session with the Osteopath I’m seeing now to get my health sorted I returned home with what can only be described as terrible news for Colin.

Due to an infection I have in my intestines and the strong suspicion the Osteo has that Colin also has it, we both need to do an elimination diet which will see us eating  significantly more red meat, significantly more eggs, primarily only fresh produce and more importantly seeing us NOT being able to have the following:

–          Sugar (any type including fruit)

–          Processed food (including gluten free bread/pastas, rice cakes, sauces, stocks etc)

–          No alcohol  AT ALL (for 6 weeks, and no beer for Colin for 10 weeks)

–          No dairy (Colin can have some soy products and we can still have mozzarella or goat’s cheese)

After six weeks of this we can start re-introducing some of the above into our diet (like fruit) but will have to continue with most of it for another 4 weeks and wait for another assessment to see how we’re going.

This is going to be challenging to say the least, but more so for Colin than me. Not because he can’t handle it, because he will be able to, but more because I have had to eliminate a lot of said foods from my diet already so am off to a bit of a head start. There is also the fact that C works in the hospitality industry. That’s not to say that everyone who works in hospitality drinks every day, but it is undeniable that it is a part of the culture and a crucial one in some ways because it is how he and his staff bond/communicate/wind down after work.

We are told that the first two weeks of this process will be absolute hell as it will be when we’ll be having the most cravings and be fighting the infection so let this be a warning to anyone coming within 10 feet of us, we are going to be CRANKY!!!

Mercifully, my Osteo has said we can start this diet AFTER our anniversary and our upcoming trip to Bruges which is a saving grace because C is really looking forward to trying all the different Belgian beers and I am pretty excited about the Belgian chocolates! And we should be finished in time for Colin’s birthday so all is not lost.

I have to say, this entire, horrid journey I’ve been on with all of my health disasters this year has also filled me with even more love and pride for my wonderful husband. He has been incredibly supportive and so open to doing whatever it takes to help me get well again.

I have had some extreme lows – feeling so sick that I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and often feeling like I am on my deathbed. I have had extreme mood swings (on account of the changes in my diet), completely irrational sugar cravings and I’ve been devastated to lose some of the things I’m passionate about (running, cooking, eating delicious food, drinking beer). He has been a shoulder to cry on when I’ve been upset, he’s remained extremely positive and always found the bright side of each situation and helped me to see it too, he’s held my hand along the way, (every test, every misdiagnosis, and every set-back) and he has faced every challenge with me head on. He has helped me stay focussed, he has inspired me to push through the pain and he has basically just been brilliant. All of the things you would probably expect from a supportive partner, but I don’t think I could have gotten through most of this year without him.

When I told him the news of this diet his face kind of crumpled and you could see he was pretty freaked out at the thought of no beer and the COMPLETE change in his approach to food and cooking (we will probably be having a lot of meals like the one pictured) but he is so committed to the cause and for that I can only be grateful. I truly am lucky, and while I fully expect for this to be hard work, it is going to be so much easier knowing he’s there to help me through it.

The good news is, we will both probably feel amazing after a few weeks, we will both have lost a bit of weight AND I have had the permission to do a very, very SMALL amount of running because I’ve worked so hard already so that’s all good news!


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