Two idiots abroad Part Quatro – our little piece of heaven in Portugal

Well the final chapter of our honeymoon series, also known as ‘Two Idiots Abroad’ has arrived. Exhausted from travel and moving around so much we arrived into Faro to pick up my Mother in Law and my good friend Amelia from Australia who was traveling around Europe. As a wedding gift, we were given 10 days in our friend Johnny’s villa. We were told we could make it our own for the time we had it available to us and we thought, seeing as it was so big, why not share the awesome hospitality we were offered.

So Geraldine and Amelia joined us for our first 4 or 5 days in the villa and we spent our time lazing around the pool, lying on the beach, swimming, reading books, playing cards, cooking, eating delicious food, drinking until all hours of the night and having, or playing witness to, somewhat heated political discussions. We took a few day trips out to Lagos and the surrounding areas while they were still there with us to enjoy it. The trip to Lagos was pretty stressful due to the lack of a decent map, the re-design of all of the roads and the fact our GPS wasn’t up to date so after going around in many, many, many circles and a few heated exchanges we eventually found our way out of the maze and headed to Lagos where we found the most gorgeous beach with a bunch of rocks and sheer cliff faces jutting out of the water. It was stunning and worth the drive.

The villa is located in Vale do Lobo, not far out of Almancil and right on the Algarve coastline, and had a pool, a really comfortable hammock, and a beach and golf green view. It was a welcome change of pace and we were loving having the use of a big kitchen, cooking facilities and outdoor BBQ and while we all cooked, chef Colin especially came up with some awesome salads, meals and mezze plates.

After Geraldine went home and Amelia embarked on some more travel, Colin and I spent the next four days in ultimate relax mode. During this time we really let the holiday vibe set in, spending a lot of time in the sun, swimming, cooking, having massages on the beach, reading, and snoozing. So by the time we got home we were incredibly well-rested and had eaten too much, spent too much, drank too much, slept too much, and had too much sun – all of the things that make a great holiday!

We were blessed with amazing weather the entire time we were there, with temps in the 30s (Celsius) and the sunshine and blue skies out in force which was an added bonus and exactly as we’d hoped.

Having been to Portugal before we didn’t feel the need to spend too much time checking out Faro and some of the island beaches in the Algarve, as we had done that the previous time and we were also pretty well clued in to the fact that this particular part of Portugal is very English and not where one would normally go to soak up the Portuguese culture.

We did go on a boat trip out to all of the grottos along the coastline which was really cool, it was a bit of a windy day so slightly colder than we had experienced throughout the rest of our trip but we had an awesome time and got some great shots.  We also treated ourselves to a couple of nights out at a bar our friend had recommended us and on the last night of our trip took ourselves out for a really special romantic meal. It was heaven!

So that’s the end of the honeymoon. A trip I hope you enjoyed reading about and one I will never forget. I hope you appreciated that I left out all the saucy details and I especially hope you liked my clever little way of tying them all together and showing when we had crossed a border in the titles…* As a special little treat I’ve put heaps more pics in this one so enjoy! xx

*Dear blogosphere: I realise I probably just committed a blogging sin in appreciating my own cleverness (a bit like laughing at your own joke) but hey, when in Rome!! I promise to only ever do this once!


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