As I’ve spent so many days at home lately due to being ill, I’ve been going through a slight nesting phase.

Last week I did some online purchasing and got these gorgeous handmade cushions through this lovely website which hosts a whole range of locally made products from home wares to jewellery.

I admit I have a slight cushion obsession at the moment. The Union Flag pillow was a birthday gift from hubs but the others are all new, and I’ve kept slightly to my patriotic theme representing all of the nationalities in our household but have brought in some other designs using the same materials and similar colours.


One day I will achieve my Ultimate Cushion Collection, which is a bit like the Ultimate Linen Configuration my lovely friend Amy talks about her in blog, but it is all about making the house cosy and somewhere I am happy to be at the end of each day. I figure if I’m going to be housebound, I may as well be surrounded by beautiful things that make me smile! I hope my husband agrees.

I also got my hands on this gorgeous reclaimed wooden box from a place nearby that sells antique bits and bobs like old milk bottles and punch bowls and jelly moulds and boxes like these. It is smaller than I’d like, but I am in love with it and I feel it could have many purposes from bedside table, to bookshelf to wine storage. At this stage it has some books in it, but who knows next week I may have a different use in mind.

If I had more shelves or windowsills I would probably be purchasing a bunch of the old milk bottles and using them as vases, but for now, our place is just too small.

C can’t understand this process of nesting at all. From what I understand, most women go through it, particularly when they’re settling into a marriage or a new life with a partner. Still in our first year, C and I are loving being married to each other but still getting used to it and I am working towards building us a nice home that we can live our lives in and start a family in. By home, I don’t mean this particular house in this particular street or town, but in acquiring ‘stuff’ I think it makes me on some level feel like I’ve got the starting blocks for something special that we own one day later down the track.

Either that, or I need to put the computer away and stop falling in love with beautiful things that we can’t afford and don’t really need. 🙂




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