Harry Potter, Batman, Sunshine, Cycling and Cabaret

The last few weeks have been quite exciting. A few weeks ago now I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Radcliffe (better known as Harry Potter). He is an incredibly nice, down to earth guy who has made friends with some of the people that work or drink in Colin’s pub. Given that I am a huge fan of the books and the movies it was admittedly a bit of an exciting moment!

There was the weekend that we got to go to a couple of free gigs and the added bonus of that was it was hot, sunny and clear skies for the most part, which made the experience even better.

The week of sunshine is worthy of note too – seeing as this year it seems to be a rarity! As per my blog earlier this month it really makes a difference to the mood of the people living here and it means we’re more social too so we had a few BBQs with friends, went to the pub more (eek), saw more friends (including some Aussies I haven’t seen in a while) and in general spent more time outside.

Of course having the Olympics on has been great and I think I’ve successfully established in previous the atmosphere and the other associated events around the city have added a certain something.

Culturally I’ve been pretty well-rounded, seeing a couple of plays, the new Batman movie (awesome by the way) and reading some new books.

Last night, as two long-standing members of our team at work are parting ways and moving on to new things, we went out to Circus London for their farewell dinner. Circus is an awesome venue. Set up as combination of a cabaret restaurant and west-end cocktail bar.

The cabaret has the perfect mix of class, humour, ‘wow-factor’ and suspense, the food is faultless and the service is just spot on! I’m lucky enough to say that this is my second experience of this venue and I was equally impressed the second time around as I was the first.

As we were a bigger group, and because ‘I know a guy’, we were lucky enough to be sitting on the huge main stage table where the performances happen literally in your face in between courses. It was such a treat! I would definitely recommend this place again and again and again.

This is a quick snap-shot of what we or I have been up to over the last few weeks and we have a bit more to look forward to yet. We are leaving shortly for a weekend cycling trip down in the New Forest, catching up with Brad and Kate on Sunday, seeing my dear, dear friend Jo on Monday and Tuesday, celebrating my birthday (actual on Tues and celebration Saturday) and hopefully in the meantime will be lucky enough to score some of the soon to be released Olympics tickets. And that’s just the start of August!

Stay tuned for our update on the New Forest and the rest of our honeymoon trip too.


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