London Lovin’

At a time when 95% of conversations lately between Londoners seem to be about the crappy summer, the pitfalls of the transport system, or the amount being spent on the Olympics/Jubilee etc I thought it was time for a wee pro-London post… a little bit of love for our fair city doesn’t go astray every now and then particularly when so many people who live here have moved here from far and away specifically to be a part of it.

Aside from the usual suspects – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, free museums and galleries (something not many cities can boast), the shopping, the London Eye, the River Thames, the incredible theatre/performance spaces, the epic music scene, incredible parks (how many parks near you have live deer in them?!), here are a few other good things going on at the moment.

Street Pianos  – a collection of pianos dotted around the famous London landmarks or popular places, yours to play or arrange events around. It makes for an entertaining lunch break if you happen to be near one and in general it’s a great way to provide talented people with access to equipment and audiences!

Art Boxes   – currently found all over London are replicas of the Gilbert Scott phone box, one of the most globally recognisable icons, transformed by the imaginations of some of the UK’s most creative people. These types of pop-up installations are a common feature in London to celebrate various events which just goes to highlight the fact that London is a living, breathing, cultural space – creating a constant buzz.

BT River of Music – part of the London 2012 Festival, who doesn’t love a free music event? Not to mention the awesome concert that London put on in the Mall for the Diamond Jubilee.

O2 have recently started ‘Up at the O2’ – where you can walk to the top of the O2 Arena for views all over London. A bit like the bridge climb in Sydney I suppose, but a great idea all the same.

Awesome speakeasy bars dotted around the city like this one that serves cocktails with ingredients the likes of ‘removed cream’, ‘high pressure hydrosol’, ‘WS2 exhaustion tonic’, ‘clorophyll bitters’…

These are just a few of the interesting things happening at the moment but the moral of my story is that if you look hard enough there are often really interesting, and sometimes free things going on in London ALL the time. Despite the weather it is an interesting and fun place to live and offers visitors and locals alike a great atmosphere and ever changing schedule of activities and entertainment. Not to mention that you are just a stone’s throw away from the continent… so quit your complaining* and get out there and just LOOK at how beautiful this place is and appreciate the fact that you are lucky to be here!

* Disclaimer: I know I can be guilty of complaints about weather, transport, homesickness etc…


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