My transformation

It’s one of those things that happens gradually, that creeps up on you without you knowing, and that suddenly shocks you when you finally realise it. The time it takes is different for everyone, but after more than 3 years I think I can safely say it’s happened to me. It’s inevitable really.

I suppose there have always been signs…  which is why I have jotted down a quick guide so people don’t get as caught off-guard as I did. Below are 10 ways an Aussie girl realises she has actually become a Londoner:

  1. You find yourself saying things like ‘hiya’, ‘well happy,’ or ‘well-keen’ and ‘innit’ without it being a joke or without you even realising it. And your accent changes.
  2. You believe that the spelling of program is incorrect and that it should sound roughly like ‘proh-gram’ not, ‘PRO-gram’.
  3. You actually think that it doesn’t usually rain that much here, and look forward to things like the snow, or the autumn leaves falling.
  4. You forget what a real pie or burger should look or taste like.
  5. You forget that Mother’s Day is actually in May and that it’s meant to be hot at Christmas.
  6. You stop expecting any kind of customer service in stores, never talk to, or make eye contact with, anyone on the train/bus/anywhere and look at strangers in shock when they try to talk to you.
  7. You stop looking at the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye or Buckingham Palace in awe and sometimes don’t even stop to take them in.
  8. You take it for granted that there are about 20 different types of sugar in Tescos. Actually, you shop at Tescos. You call everything by the wrong name, (ie capsicums become peppers, zucchinis become courgettes, snow peas become mange tout etc)
  9. You don’t mind ‘warm’ beer and even begin to tell people ‘it’s not even warm!’
  10. And worst of all, you hate tourists! (Ummm… HELLO!!)

The list really does go on, but if you can say yes to any of the above you’re on your way, and if you can say yes to all of them, well mate, you’re well and truly past the point of no return!!


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