We were privileged enough to get along to the London premiere of Marley at the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton last night. It was an incredibly well-made documentary and well worth seeing if you’re a fan or not.

What I liked about it was that it was about the man, not the legend and there were a lot of interviews with family, friends and colleagues that have not yet spoken before to the cameras about Robert Marley and who he was.

It wasn’t one of those naff music docos that hears from every musician and his dog talking about what great artists he and his band were, despite having not met them or worked closely with them.

I liked that it showcased the stretch and reach of Marley’s music and really brought home what a powerful, incredible person he was, and someone to be respected for using his power for good and not evil.

I’m no idiot, I know all movies/documentaries/articles have an element of bias and are always delivered through a certain frame and there were obviously parts that weren’t included, but this seemed an honest memoir, as truthful as possible without being able to hear from the man himself, and all in all an entertaining, interesting show.

It’s long, so make sure you’re prepared to sit for a long time, but it captures your attention for the whole way so it’s not like you’re watching the clock.

In cinemas April 20 (in the UK) so get along when it comes your way. Well worth it!!


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