Baking Days

Well, it’s a bank holiday, I’m trying to save money and it’s raining outside… what better thing to do than bake? I am always happy when I’m baking. First I do a little research into what I can do with the ingredients I have on hand, put some tunes on and then set about trying out some new recipes. It’s so nice to now be living in a place with a decent kitchen and the feeling that you are free to do as you please.

Today’s attempts at being a master baker consisted of:

– Banana, Pear and Walnut Loaf, and;

– Shortbread

Not sure how either will turn out but am more confident in the banana, pear and walnut loaf because I’ve made similar things in the past and it looks OK. However, it was my first ever attempt at shortbread and I had to do away with Mum’s trusted recipe due to not being able to get a couple of the ingredients over here and tried an old school English one but I had two things going against me – a not so great oven that takes way longer to cook anything in and some old measurements and no precise way to measure the ingredients.

The true test will be in C’s approval!!

And the best part (apart from getting to eat all this delicious food) is the house now smells of home baking and really, what better smell is there as you get cosy to listen to the rain on the roof and head off to dreamland?

Til next time, x











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