Singin’ In The Rain

Last night a friend and I went and saw the latest musical to hit the West End stages in London – Singin’ in the Rain.

It was absolutely brilliant. Not as good as the movie of course, and the girl who played Cathy wasn’t quite as demure as one would have hoped but it was thoroughly enjoyable!!

It did make me think though – you just don’t see enough tap dancing around anymore! It was actually my friend who made this comment while we were watching the show, but it’s true. You don’t even hear of young people taking tap dancing classes anymore, while when I was young it was huge.

I wonder where all the tap dancing love has gone and what those famous tap dancers like Gregory Hines would think if they were still around!?

Movies like Tap Dog helped bring back the tapping love, but it was seemingly short lived.

I say bring back the tap!!!


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