Road trip around the UK cont… (part 4)

Day 4: Almost as soon as it was light we got up and packed up our very wet (and flattened) tent and all of our wet things and got into the car to head on our way to the Lake District. The weather went from bad to worse and we were glad to be inside the car, but hoping desperately it wouldn’t continue. We also hoped that in our next destination we could find a place to sleep that didn’t involve sleeping in the broken tent or all being in the van together.

The drive up to our campsite was up a few hills and winding roads which were a bit hairy but the view was lovely. We even got out on the way and touched snow – Mum’s first time!!! Strangely, she was pretty keen to get back in the car instead of playing around in the snow.

Thankfully when we arrived at Sykeside Caravan Park in the Lakes we found that they had a bunkhouse available, with a toilet in the room and heating we thought we were in complete luxury! We were all bunked in together but luckily there was ample space. We were told that the weather had gotten so bad that a lot of families had packed up and called it a day the night before so there was plenty of space.

After unpacking, C and I set off to go and park the car down in the car park. Just as I was telling him that I thought I was actually a pretty good driver I revved the engine and reversed back into a big mud pile and bogged the van. WOOPS!! I never heard the end of it. We were rescued by a lovely caretaker who shook his head at ‘women drivers’ but not before Mum and Dad came looking to see where we’d gotten too and saw the situation I’d gotten into. I had hoped I could let this one pass by Dad’s attention… maybe not.

Having had a very wet drive, very little sleep the night before and feeling the need to stay warm we settled on having dinner at the pub in the campsite.

Caernarfon CastleCaernarfon Castle (Day 3)

Caernarfon Castle (Day 3)

Happy and warm at the pub in the Lake District

Happy and warm at the pub in the Lake District


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(Sadly, I never finished this 7 day travel tale)



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