Sunshine, swimming and cocktails in Croatia

Beautiful, oh so beautiful!!! So far, this has to be one of my favourite summer holiday destinations!

My sister and I set off about a week and a half ago on our little Croatian adventure. We were extremely excited – looking forward to spending lots of time swimming – and we weren’t disappointed!

First, we went to Split for 2 nights, arriving around lunch time. Split is a nice enough city – the old town is worth a look through but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend spending too much time there if you’ve got time to look around the islands and what not. Unfortunately we stayed a little bit out of town to had to bus it in and out of town each day but we were close to a lovely little swimming spot and that worked out well.

From Split we caught the ferry to Brac Island which we enjoyed so much more than Split. We stayed in the little town of Supetar which had a really nice vibe about it with lots of accessible swimming spots and a night market along the promenade. Here we hired some scooters and went for a ride to look at some of the surrounding towns in the late afternoon before heading back to Supetar to have some beers and the nicest piece of fish I’ve ever eaten. A fishing family pulled their boat up to the port, fitted with a grill and their day’s catch. There they set up a little shop where you could buy grilled fish and squid with bread for the price of peanuts. Cooked simply, with just a little salt and olive oil, it truly was lovely.

We then had to catch the ferry back to Split to then get another ferry to Korcula Island. It was a bit of a pain but it was worth it once we saw Korcula, easily our favourite of all of the places we visited while we were over there. Korcula town was really lovely and thankfully we stayed really close to the beach and the centre of the town. We headed straight for the water when we arrived (as was our usual custom when arriving in a new location) and spent the evening looking around the old town which had lovely little streets and shops all the way through including the Marco Polo shop which my sister LOVED!! We had two nights in Korcula which was good because it meant the next day we had a whole day there where we could explore the island a bit. We hired scooters again for the day and rode around to check out the surrounding towns and went in search of a swimming spot that the guy who ran our hostel recommended to us, telling us it was only accessible by scooters. We did find it after some time and discovered that he didn’t mention that the rode there was down an incredibly steep mountain with lots of winding roads – very scary! But what we found at the end made it all worthwhile… until we had to face going back up again of course!! That night we treated ourselves to a nice seafood dinner made up of fish pate, yummy muscles and a scorpion fish – easily the ugliest fish I’ve ever laid eyes on After dinner we found the most awesome cocktail bar – up in one of the towers of the old town that you had to climb up a rickety step ladder to get up to. It had the best views and a really nice vibe – it really felt like we were in a castle.

After Korcula we set off early in the morning for the long bus ride to Dubrovnik. We happened to schedule our location change on the one day of the week that the ferry DIDN’T go from Korcula to Dubrovnik so unfortunately we had to endure the sickness-inducing bus route.

Dubrovnik was far more beautiful than Split, although also more touristy and noticeably more expensive. We got to spend two nights here as well which was nice and we stayed in a place run by the nicest and sweetest woman named Nina. She was so lovely and welcoming, very proud of her newly refurbished guest house and clearly aspiring to be one of the best guest house host in town.

From Dubrovnik we took a half day trip out to the island of Lokrum which again had some lovely swimming spots and also was heavily populated with peacocks. We spent a lot of time in the Old Town of Dubrovnik and while we were there we also went to the war photo museum documenting the Croatian war and other religious wars across the world. It was really worth seeing although admittedly quite depressing when you think that some of the photos were taken as recently as 2006!! We really are so incredibly lucky to have grown up in a country like Australia!

The thing that surprised me most about Croatia as a whole was the fact that there were no real ‘beaches’ to speak of and instead masses of rock that you could sit on and sometimes even dive straight into the water from. I loved how clear the water was and it was so nice to have a week of swimming in salt water daily and a week solid of sunshine (except for one very rare stormy morning).

I couldn’t have asked for a better travel partner than my sister as we pretty much always wanted to do the same things. I even talked her into getting a pedicure and we ended up in the Hilton Hotel to get it (where else darling?). After a week of lots of sunshine, salt water, swimming, reading, sleeping, scooter riding, a plethora of beers and cocktails, far too much pizza, a healthy amount of seafood and so much fun, I came away with a tan, a lot of new jewellery and some of the best memories of my life which I will treasure forever.

And now it’s back to the daily grind for me with the sad and much dreaded departure of said sister looming!!!

The devoured fish - straight from the sea into our bellies!!

Our favourite swimming spot on Korcula Island
Our favourite swimming spot on Korcula Island

Sun setting over our favourite cocktail bar

Sun setting over our favourite cocktail bar