Road trip around the UK

Betty and the camp in Brecon-Beacon

Setting off on our road trip I was extremely excited and in great spirits but also a little worried about the decision I had made to take my new man (new to them anyway) and my parents who had only just met on a road trip, in a very small camper van for a week around the UK. It was either going to be the best trip or the worst and only time would tell!

Day 1: We all piled into the tiny van named ‘Betty’ and headed west to Stonehenge. The traffic was surprisingly clear given that it was Good Friday until we got to what the nav man believed to be two minutes away and then it was horrible – taking us about half an hour just to move 500 meters. When we got out of the car the weather wasn’t too bad either, but by the time we had bought our tickets and walked out onto the clearing where the beautiful rock formation stands (a process that literally took about three minutes) it had rapidly turned rotten. I’ve never seen my Dad so unimpressed and he said it was the coldest he’d been in about thirty years!! So whose bright idea was it to go there huh? I was not alone in hoping that this wasn’t a taste of what the rest of the trip had in store.

After Stonehenge we all huddled into the warm Betty and continued on to Bath. It was bucketing it down for most of the journey and things weren’t looking all that great. After about an hour of driving and an extremely difficult and stressful parking exercise we emerged in Bath where it was cloudy but thankfully not raining. I’d been to Bath before but it really is such a beautiful city that it was worth seeing for the second time (and hopefully I’ll go back). Mum and I went into the Roman Baths while Dad and C went ‘exploring’ (which only means they walked until they found a pub they liked and stayed there). By the time we had emerged from the Roman Baths the sun was shining brightly and it was actually warm enough to take off a few layers. Mum and Dad were amazed by the drastic change in the weather in so short a time and so short a distance (however we did try to explain to them that it was typical British weather – 8 seasons in a day!).

After a wander around the sandstone city, we got back into Betty and back on the road, travelling further west into Wales, ending our journey in the Brecon-Beacon National Park in the really lovely little Pencilli Castle Caravan Park.

The caravan park was really lovely and had a really nice feel to it, although we arrived as the sun was starting to set, and the rain was about to fall, and the temperature was dropping rapidly, so as soon as we set up camp we decided to head to a little pub that was just a hundred metres down the road (very handy). It had a lovely fireplace which we were all incredibly happy about, and some nice beer (although Dad doesn’t like anything except Tooheys Red) and some lovely staff and some yummy food. After we were all full-up we realised we were all pretty exhausted so we went ‘home’ to bed.

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(and sadly I never got to the end of this tale)


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