Road trip around the UK cont… (part 2)

Cardigan Bay - west coast of WalesDay 2: Waking up after a pretty cold night I thought to myself, ‘I’ll be wearing many, many more layers tomorrow’ – funny that about 10 layers wasn’t enough though! We woke fairly early and settled in to a yummy breakfast that C had prepared for us in the back of Betty on the portable stove (this was after Mum nearly burned the whole campsite down by not setting the stove up properly) and set about heading to the showers, packing up and putting the towels in the drier they had up in the common area (who said we were roughing it!?).

After we were all organised we decided to go for a bit of a walk around the area to take some photos and check it all out. Wales is such a beautiful country – I loved the old style cottages and the rolling hills and the lovely green grass (you’d expect that in a rainy country) and although I can’t quite put my finger on what defined it, I really liked the Welsh style of the area (as Irish as that sounds haha).

After we’d had a bit of a wander we set off for the town of Brecon which was 4 miles from where we were camped so we could make sure we didn’t miss the Man U V Chelsea match. After a lot of faffing about we finally found a car park (yes there were some instances of me stressing out) and found a pub showing the game, some good seats and a big TV screen – set! I’d told Dad he was on driving duty for the next leg of the trip because I had to have a beer to cheer on Sir Fergie and his team. The despicable Chelsea won unfortunately but I had to admit that they did out-play us in this instance. We got into a bit of a friendly banter with a Welsh couple sitting next to us who were barracking for the Blues (the wrong team) and who I swear were mocking us whenever they reverted back to speaking Welsh (I’m sure it was all good-natured though).

After the game we got back in Betty, put the co-ordinates in the trusty GPS system and set off to Snowdonia. When I said the GPS was trusty, I meant it. What you can’t always trust is the person entering the postcode (I still swear I put in the right postcode and the GPS got it wrong!). Instead of travelling directly north on a 2-hour journey, we ended up travelling west – all the way to Cardigan Bay and turned what was going to be a quick trip into a very long 6 hour journey. It wasn’t all bad – we ended up getting to drive up the west coast of Wales and saw some stunning views – the only issue was we hadn’t set off until the afternoon so we arrived in the dark, after the curfew (yes, they actually had a curfew!) and had to set up camp in the dark, in the most strict and boring camp site I’d ever been to, ensuring we didn’t make a single sound!

This campsite, in comparison to the last, (and to be fair, in comparison to any I’ve ever been Rugged up in bed wearing as many layers as possible!to) was severely lacking. It was run by an old fuddy-duddy couple who had signs all over the place saying that noise wouldn’t be tolerated and basically saying that fun should be illegal. Not only did they stuff up our camp site – tried to put us on a concrete site – they were very unwelcoming, and we felt incredibly out of place. We felt like naughty teenagers in a way because we were trying so hard not to make any noise and we still hadn’t eaten dinner or anything so had to do all of that without lights and without making any noise. Needless to say, as soon as we were set-up and had eaten we went straight to bed. It was an extremely cold night so we did actually have a few ports, whiskies and baileys on the go.


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(Sadly, I never finished writing this 7-day tale)


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