The olds come to London-town

I was so excited by the pending arrival of my parents on the lead up to our Easter holiday. The house was prepared – sufficient bedding was made clean and available, the house was clean, we got our dining table just in time – the boy had been warned about the level of ‘dad jokes’ he was about to experience and I had prepared myself mentally for the teasing and the comments about my recently added nose piercing and the colour and style of my hair, the holiday had all been organised and booked and all that needed to happen was for them to arrive safely and in one piece. Thankfully that was the case, and aside from being delayed their trip went smoothly.

I couldn’t believe it had been a year since I’d seen them both and I really can’t ever remember being so excited to see them. They arrived in good spirits despite the extra four hours being added to their already LONG trip and I set about getting them home, settled and showing them around a bit before the evening.

The first day was spent fairly quietly because they were tired from the plane but didn’t want to sleep through the day so they could get into the right sleeping pattern straight away so we went to the pub I worked at when I first landed in the UK and had some lunch and caught up.

Sadly I had to work the next day so I armed them as much as possible with maps, tourist guides, directions etc and left them to their own devices during the day. That night I met them in the city and Mum and I went out for dinner and then went to see Les Miserables, while C and Dad went out on a boy’s night. The musical was awesome and so apparently was the boys night…judging from the level of drunkenness anyway!! Poor old Daddyo wasn’t used to drinking pints as they have schooners in Australia and I also think that keeping up with C who is a big Irish boy proved to be more difficult than perhaps he’d first thought.

One more half-day of work and then it was off to pick up the camper and go home, pack and have an early night in preparation for the trip ahead of us!

Stay tuned…


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