Wadda Man wadda man wadda man what mighty good man

No, I am not about to write you a massive long post about my boyfriend even though I do consider him to be a ‘mighty good man’. The post is actually about the festival a group of us went to over the weekend that included an amazing set by the recently re-united Salt n Pepa.

The festival I speak of was BLOC and it was amazing, despite being extremely ill on the Saturday and also despite having to miss out on Sunday’s bands due to the need to get back to London for work today.

The most notable acts were Grandmaster Flash who really got the party started and Salt n Pepa who played songs new and old (and let me tell you, their new song was banging so please look into it and give it a go!).

Also good, but more disappointing than I was expecting, was Ms Dynamite. She was good, but just not quite as good as I had hoped – but then again maybe I was expecting a little too much.

I can’t say I was a fan of Autechre. Their music to me just sounded like a random jumble of sounds that didn’t really make much sense or seem to have much purpose, but each to their own as they say.

We saw quite a few other acts but I won’t go into a blow by blow account at this stage.

Aside from getting to see some awesome music, it also meant we got to go away for a weekend which is always a positive! We went to a small beachside town in Somerset called Minehead. We went there last year to the ATP festival and while the town itself is nothing too special, it does have an ocean which was good to look at seeing as I miss the ocean so much (it was WAY too cold to go swimming) and the venue we stayed in and the festival was held in was quite cool. It’s a bit weird going to an indoor festival but because it was so cold I was really grateful for the warmth the indoors brought to the situation!

Also – I drove a car for the first time since being over here which was actually incredibly exciting. I had no idea how much I missed it but it felt so good to be back behind the wheel of a car. I guess when you think about it I drove almost everyday since I was 17, and whilst living in Sydney, even though I sold my car, I still had to drive a fair bit for work and also so get up to Newy and back for the Jets games (thanks to my big Bro for lending me his car so often!!)

So… it’s back to the real world and I am back into the daily grind. We’re finally starting to get some decent weather (not decent by Aussie standards but a lovely 14 degrees today!!) and I am really wishing I had the day off to lounge in the sun, seeing as it comes out so rarely in London!! I am just hoping the temperature keeps climbing over the next two weeks and beyond so that it’s decent-ish for my parents when they come over and for the road trip I’ve planned for us all. The idea of walking through the national parks and the Lake District in freezing cold weather is quickly becoming less and less appealing!!

Probably due for a quite weekend this weekend so I might not have much to update you all on for a little while but then again, that could all change.

Bye for now!


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