It’s been a long time…

It has been so incredibly long since I added to my blog and so much has happened since. I originally intended for the blog to be a diary-style written in chronological order so I kept putting off writing new things until I’d filled in the gaps – which only made the gap that much bigger and harder to fill.

Now I’ve decided to just bite the bullet and start again… and anything that I’ve left out of my updates will now just have to be left unsaid.

In the time since I last wrote (way back in June when I was still so new to London) so much has happened. I’ve travelled a bit including a few trips around England to various places (Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford, Somerset) as well as a few places overseas including Spain (Madrid and a tour up north into the wine country) Amsterdam and Paris. All trips were amazing and I will attempt to backfill the blog with some nice little anecdotes about what I got up to in all of the various places. I’ve also in that time really tried to get to know London, although I think I need to make a conscious effort to spend more time in Central London and East London.

I really think that in the time that has passed I have grown so much and really have had the experience of a lifetime. To begin with, my Mother thinks I’ve got a bit of an English twang to my voice which amuses me because everyone over here makes fun of how Aussie I sound. I am much more London-savvy now and know my way around much better, and some of the best places to go, I’ve made some amazing friends so overall I am not as homesick as I was (although in the lead up to Christmas that has definitely not been the case), I’ve now started my second job in PR over here which is great because it means I don’t have to spend all my time job hunting and can actually enjoy my time over here. It also means better working hours and better pay which helps a lot.

I have to admit that there was a good period there where I was completely unhappy. I’d lost a boyfriend moving over here and was pretty heartbroken by that, I had no friends or family and missed them all so much, I was broke, I was working my arse off and I was spending all of my time here just trying to get my life over here started (it only took SIX months!!!).

I think this had a lot to do with why I didn’t feel compelled to write much – I was just so unmotivated. But underneath all of that negativity I had this overwhelming feeling that it would all turn out fine and I was meant to be here. I’ve since met someone else – who I really had no intention of being with if I am honest, and looking back it seems as though almost overnight my whole world did a one eighty and my life changed… but the truth is, it was all developing slowly and I was too worried about coming out at the end of it that I kind of missed what was actually happening. Now I’ve found myself in a great (and somewhat serious) relationship, working in a better job, surrounded by loads of mates, doing heaps of cool things and thoroughly enjoying myself.

I am now living with my man (who I will refer to in this blog as just ‘C’) and we’re starting the process of finding a place of our own together. I’ve really surprised myself – for so long it was clear to the people around me that things were more than casual with C and all my mates kept trying to tell me so. It was so long before I even admitted that he was my ‘boyfriend’ and now suddenly I am living with him and that is more commitment than I ever had with any of my long-term boyfriends in the past. Quite a surprise, but a very pleasant one.

We’ve now been living together since December however we’ve recently moved to a new place in the lovely Notting Hill. Before we started house hunting I said to C that my new years resolution would be to spend more time in Central and East London because I didn’t feel like I’d really gotten to know the great city that I now live in. It’s funny how things work out when you manifest something because now I’ve ended up living in a place that provides much easier access to Central London (not to mention is one of the most famous areas of London) and also landed a job in Shoreditch in the east of the city.

The new place is just fab. It’s cosy but it suits us and we love it. A little tiny studio with no oven (I am still coming to terms with that horrible fact) and a bed on a mezzanine level which means we can still have people over and they’re not sitting in our bedroom, situated just off Portobello Road. We can see the market from our lovely French doors and the place is going to really show it’s true character in summer when we can open up the doors and look out onto the street.

The new job – I can hardly believe I am sitting in the chair. Whilst on a trip to Paris last September that I could definitely not afford to see some very dear friends, I said I was sure that things would all turn in the next few months and all I had to do was remain thinking positively and telling the universe exactly what I needed to happen. I then met a lovely gentleman on the Eurostar who happened to work in a similar field to me. The conversation turned into a 2-hour-long interview but he gave me his card, and said to get in touch because they’d be looking for someone in the next few months. I emailed my CV and exchanged a few emails with him but nothing really came of it straight away. In the meantime I got a short term contract with Thames Valley University and just when my contract was about to come up I got a call from my current employer saying that this particular gentleman had recommended me to them. I went to the interview and the next day was offered the job!! Again – amazing what a bit of positive manifestation will do for a person!! So I am now working in a brand and communications agency, having had no previous agency experience, in a position that I feel will really help me round off my CV and give me the opportunity to learn a few things about sitting on this side of the PR fence.

So that’s an update in a nutshell, but I will endeavour to keep the ball rolling going forward to keep everyone up to date.

Stay tuned…


One thought on “It’s been a long time…

  1. Fellow Trashbag says:

    I loved reading your blog Fi Fi D’Amour – very Sex & the City – Australian girl in London kind of thing… from your dear friend whom you manifested with and played with in Paris! x

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